Welcome to C4x4.com and thank you for your interest in advertising with us. C4x4 is a family friendly online magazine with over 15 years of event coverage, product reviews, and bringing our readers great off-road related content each month. We are a Not-for-Profit magazine that looks to give back to the off-road community. What exactly does Not-for-Profit mean? All funds that we receive goes to cover our domain cost, website cost, purchase of products for review and hold events for our readers. When you advertise with C4x4.com, you are not only supporting our site, you are also supporting the off-road community!

Free Ad design:
Work with our Web Editor to design your ad to match the look and feel of C4x4.com. Our Web Editor will work with the content you provide to design an ad that works well on our site and stands out for your company. Most importantly, you have the final say on what goes up. If an ad design is not needed, please ensure your ad meets our advertising specs.
All ad content must be 'family' appropriate and must not contain any inappropirate language or images..

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We offer our ad space on a month by month basis and ads will display on all main pages of our site: Cover/Home, Editorial, Article, Projects, and Industry News page. Save $15 when you purchase 3 month blocks.

$20 a month for side Lower Level ads. (Note: Scrolling by our readers may be necessary to see ad.)
$15 a month if you sign up for 3 months.
2 ads available at this price.

$30 a month for side Mid Level ads. (Visible to all readers.)
$25 a month if you sign up for 3 months.
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$40 a month for side Top Level ads. (This is the best place for an ad as a reader’s eye generally scans from top to bottom of a page.)
$35 a month if you sign up for 3 months.
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Site Sponsorship:
If you would like to sponsor our site, you will receive a header ad that will display next to our logo on every page of C4x4.com and will be visible to 100% of our readers a 100% of the time. Site sponsorship is available in 6 month blocks.
Site sponsorship $500
Not available at this time.

Vehicle Sponsorship:
Sponsoring one of our projects gives you an automatic mid level ad for 3 months on all of our main pages, as well as permanent ad placement on our projects page, an ad on all articles written about the project sponsored and a company logo affixed to sponsored project vehicle. In addition, you will get additional coverage on our Social Media sites (Facebook and Instagram). We try to get our projects to large events through-out the year to give you additional opportunities to get your company name and product seen. Our project vehicles are also available if you would like to display at an event. (Time and location availability may vary)
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