By Jon Maib
I've found it's very important to be in a local Jeep club. A Jeep club gets you plugged into other likeminded people that enjoy the same hobby and also gives you people that can help with advice. I am actually a part of several Facebook Jeep clubs and have found it is a great avenue to know what's going on and lets me be involved with other Jeepers. The best part though, is getting to know some of the local shops and parts suppliers that join in with these clubs. We have some guys that never cease to amaze me and are always willing to lend a hand to other Jeep owners.

Andy and Brian Masters from and Tim Place from really go out of their way to show true customer support! Tim is a big supplier of LED rock lights to our clubs and puts together kits for off-road vehicles. The guys at 7SlotParts also sell those kits and I have seen them open up their own home to help customers install their parts.

These 2 companies got together at the home of Andy and Brian Masters to help install rock lights for anyone interested from our clubs. In fact, the 7SlotParts guys gave their time free of charge to assist customers on how to install their own rock lights and then, if the customer didn't want to do the work, Tim from Stuff4Jeeps was onsite to do the install for them.

Tim's team helped prepare all of the LED kits as well as supplied all the necessary items to get the kits installed. While Tim worked in one garage installing kits, Brian worked with customers showing them what they needed to do while lending a hand as well.

I personally didn't have rock lights installed, but followed along as Brian and Tim worked to get the installations done. Tim provided several different color options and the 2 Jeeps that were there, followed their Jeep color scheme in the way of rock lights.

The guys began by feeding wire through the frame of the Jeep starting at the front and working through to the rear and then back to the front on the opposite side. For those that were putting grille lights in, they also sent wiring through the grill and then into the cab.

At this time they also wired up the switch in the cab of the Jeep and then to the battery as well. They then began pre-drilling the LED pods to get them ready to install on the frame rail. Using self-tapping metal screws they placed up to 10 (depending on vehicle) LED pods across the length of the frame, in back as well as the front (and grille).

Using some electrical connectors, they spliced all the LED's into the main wire that was run through the entire frame. Once all the lights were spliced in and grounded, the only thing to do was to test them out ensure everything was working.

It was a great opportunity to hang out with these guys and see the awesome customer service they provide. They installed LED rock lights for 4 different Jeeps and even had time to help a customer install a 2.5 lift and another with a new Bestop NX soft top. So get into a Jeep club if you haven't already, because there are so many Jeepers willing to help you out and if you're in the area of these suppliers (Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas) reach out to them for great deals on Jeep parts and all the help you need from people who understand customer service!