By Matthew Anderson
Road Shower is more than a shower it is a pressurized container that comes in either 4, 7, or 10 gallon containers. You can of course take showers but you can also use it to clean your dishes, wash your feet, or even wash your rig or trailer. When it comes to working or transporting anything that pressurized please do not build your own. Each one of these Road Showers are tested and have a safety pressure release systems that prevents over pressurization.

In less than five simple steps you can be enjoying a hot shower.
1. Mount it
2. Fill it up
3. Let it heat up
4. Pressurize it
5. Take a shower

Mounting the Road Shower has been simplified by providing not one but two separate T-slot systems. There is one on the back and one below giving the owner multiple options on mounting the shower. For our test we created our own brackets and utilized both the back and bottom T-slots. Please keep in mind this can be mounted on Jeeps, RV, cars as long as the rack system is wide enough and can hold the additional weight.

There is a large opening on top that is accessed by removing a threaded pressurized plug that can be filled by either gallon jugs or a garden hose. You can check the water level using the included clear poly hose. If you are filling up the Road Shower with a garden hose you can pressurize it at the same time by using a female coupler.

Warming up the water is as simple as letting the sun do all the work. The water temperature rises 10-20 degrees per hour. The water will reach 100-107 degrees and will not get any hotter than that. If it is a cloudy day and you just want some instant hot water boil some water at your camp site and pour it into the Road Shower.

Pressurizing the container will not take long and for our tests we used a 10 year old DC powered tire inflator. The Road Shower comes with a pressure relief valve on the threaded cap for safety that will help prevent over pressurization.

Taking a shower can be done by using the attached adjustable garden hose nozzle. We wanted to make sure we go the most of our test and purchased the optional Flex Neck Shower Head. This was an additional accessory and we hope that in the future this will be added as an included part of the shower. This made all the difference with a high pressure to low usage of water ratio. That and also providing hands free showering was not a bad thing either.


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