By David Austin
Wheeling For The Wounded event in Disney, Ok. is another great event the staff of C4x4 tries to attend each year. All proceeds go to help the HERO PROJECT and the OKLAHOMA VETERANS SUPPORT GROUP. Both of these causes work hard to support those who have giving so much for our freedom.

After being out of town for the previous week for work, we had made the decision to only take one of our rigs to the event. While the 'DragonFly' and the 'C4x4 buggy' were both ready to go with no prior damage from out last outing, it was a toss up on which one to take. With the C4X4 buggy looking as if it would throw a fit it had to stay home, it was decided that we would load up the C4x4 buggy and let the DragonFly stay home and rest.

We thought that the DragonFly would have no hard feelings, however, while we were gone, our cattle were let out twice and there were reports of large Super Swamper tracks near the scene. So I think the DragonFly was trying to get even for being left behind.

My wife and I rolled into Disney early Friday and settled into our cabin at the Green Country Camp Grounds. After unloading and then fixing a flat on the Dodge tow rig, we ran down the road to Crosby Catfish place and over ate by a bunch. Shortly after, we returned to camp and took a short drive to enjoy the scenery while we waited for others to arrive. Our family from Missouri arrived, unloaded their rigs and then we all set by one of those 'Campfire in a Cans' and enjoyed the flames for the evening. Later in the evening, John an Jennifer who work at the camp, joined us after they had returned victorious from a Adair High School Mudd Fest (football game). We sat around and visited past my bed time and then finally called it a night.

We woke up and walked up to PJ's, a local restaurant, for breakfast. Luckily, we had checked in for the event the night before so we had plenty of time to just hung out and get prepped for the trails. At 9am, the sirens went off warning everyone that the dam flood gates would be opening soon. And when they did, the water rolled!!!!!! When this happens, it separates the rock climbing area from the trails and makes many of the obstacles inaccessible.

With the gates open, we needed to cross the bridge and head out past Little Blue State Park and to the access point of the trails on the back side. After about an hour of wheelin' the trails I relinquished the controls of the buggy to my wife, Judy and had her pilot the C4x4 Buggy. And as always, she did a great job! After she had her time behind the wheel, we headed back to the camp for lunch and then we had about an hour and a half before the raffle.

Since we had some time, we made our way back into the rock garden to play a bit on the mild stuff when we were flagged down and advised that the buggy was spilling tranny fluid out the bottom in large volumes. After looking it over, I determined that since the leak was coming from up under the skid plates the diagnosis would have to come after we got back to the shop so we could pull the floor out of the buggy. I dumped a couple of quarts of fluids in the tranny and made a mad dash back to the road. As soon as I topped the hill and found a good place to stop, the tranny was done. From there, the C4X4 buggy had to be hooked up to the Bubba Rope and Judy's brother Mike, pulled the sick buggy back to camp.

When we arrived back, it happened to be time for the huge raffle with products from many very generous venders. Every year, they also ensure that every child wins something at the raffle.

As usual, the Wheeling For the Wounded event was a great success and we want to thank everyone that puts so many hours into making this a great event. C4x4 is always proud to be part of this event.

Until next time ------Okie Out