By: David Austin
MARADYNE HP FANS-- Test and Review

16 in., reversible 'S' blade shrouded fan with 225 watt motor.
Sealed motor tested in accordance with DIN EN 60529, dust and water proof to IP68. Quiet, reversible S-blade design – works as a puller or pusher fan (ships as a pusher) All glass-filled nylon construction. Includes locking mating pigtail connector and MFA100 (adjustable thermostat)

MOTOR - 225w
CFM @ 0 in. STATIC - 2,160
WIDTH - 17 in.
HEIGHT - 16 in.
DEPTH - 3.90 in.

After experiencing severe over heating issue in the C4X4 buggy at the Why Not Custom's Labor Day run at SMORR (Southern Missouri Off Road Ranch), it was time to address the issues. My electrical fan had failed at the worst possible time. I had left the buggy running and walked over to the next trail to check on a fellow wheeler. The buggy had heated up and blew the lower radiator hose, splitting it almost the full length of the hose. After making a patch job using duct tape to minimize the leakage, we filled up the radiator with cooler water and nursed it back down the mountain to the creek, cooled it down and refilled it with creek water, then nursed it on into camp. (It has been flushed and refill with coolant)
Now with the buggy safely sitting at home in my shop it was time for the upgrade. I had previously spoken with C.J. Clayton of Maradyne and discussed what would be the best set up for my Off Road Buggy. He suggested the Mach MFA 100 fan that comes with an adjustable thermostat.

Now all the reviews have shown the Maradyne High Performance fans to perform well in all types of street and race vehicles applications so I was expecting nothing but good results.

After removing the old fan and replacing my old duct tape covered radiator hose we drained whatever was left in the system and then gave it a good flushing. Then a new hose and clamps were installed and we turned our attention to the installation instructions for the Mach One fan.

The Mach series fans come with 2 universal mounting systems to make for an effected and secure attachment at the radiator. (NO MORE RADIATOR ZIP TIES) After determining what would work best for my set up I started the installation.
Due to the set up I have with the Griffin Radiator it worked out best to use the brackets on each side of the radiator. After drilling a couple of holes and using 2 that were already present I placed the fan and included shroud into position and secured it using the adjustable bolts on the all thread.

So everything was falling into place as it had been advertised. Next we ran the wiring and secured it safely away from hot surfaces and moving parts. We mounted the adjustable thermostat on the inside of the firewall so it would be better protected from the elements that we encounter in the off road world. We then located the temperature sensor between the fins on the griffin aluminum radiator and routed the tube as to best protect it.

Now with the MFA 100 mounted and wired in there was just one thing left to do. It is shipped from the factory as a pusher fan. So it would be necessary to reverse the fan blade to turn it into as a puller fan. Following the instructions we pull off the retaining clip and carefully removed the fan blade, flipped it 180 degree and reinstalled the blade and placed the clip back where it belonged. This was made easy since the words Puller and Puller are on the plastic blade so we could tell for sure that we had it mounted correctly.

Now it was time to test. We started the engine and then adjusted the setting for the sensor to 160 degrees to activate the fan and we set and waited. Just as planned the fan kicked on and wow does this baby move some air. There was so much air coming into the engine compartment that it was bouncing back around the fan and we had to do a double take to be sure that we had it set up as a puller.

Now the real test would come the next weekend when we take the C4x4 Buggy to the Wheelers For the Wounded event in Disney, Ok. Once we had arrived I was excited to see the cooling effect that the Mach One would have on the Buggy. In the past we had always ran at about 205-210 degrees when operating the buggy. The MACH ONE engaged at the 160 degrees that we had set it at and then maintained a cooler temperature of about 190-195 degrees throughout the weekend. We are running a 195 degree thermostat in the buggy. So in short the HP Maradyne Marc One lowered my operating temperature by 10 to 15 degrees over what the old electric fan had been running for the past 5 years.

I was very excited about every aspect of the install as well as the fact that I can now look forward to not always being operating at the top of the temperature range.

So after a hard weekend of wheelin on the Rocks and Trails at Disney, Ok. We remain cool throughout the event and I will say that I would have to give a big thumbs up to Maradyne and their High Performance Fans. The C4x4 Buggy and myself are both very satisfied with the product and the results.

So if you are in the market for a new electric cool fan for you rig or are fighting cooling issue, I will point you to Maradyne with much pride.

Until next time. Okie Out

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