By: David Bonneveld
Welcome to CORE 4x4 Club - Christian Off Road Explorers. We are a Christian run, family based off road club in Australia with both Christian and non-Christian members and cater to all types of vehicles from mild to wild.

Our latest trip was to a property called 'Jakem Farm' based in the foothills of Adelaide in South Australia. The main idea behind this trip was to reach out and take some guys from a local 'Teen-Challenge' program (a drug, alcohol and life controlling rehabilitation center) out for some serious fun with the added bonus of getting them out and away from their normal day to day routine and the four walls they are usually restricted to.

The relationship that our club has built up with the property owners of Jakem Farm, has given us the opportunity to gain free access for camping and four wheel driving with 'Teen-Challenge' kids.

When we arrived, we loaded up 13 guys and all their camping gear into the 3 four wheel drives and headed out to the campsite. These campsites are some of the best we have ever come across, with fire wood provided, a solar panel on the tin shed roof which kept the battery charged to power the LED lighting and a stereo system and there is even a waterhole that provided the opportunity to catch some fish.

Hitting the tracks with the guys put a smile on their faces from ear to ear. And to just hear them laugh and carry on made the whole weekend a huge success and definitely a worthwhile experience.

Jakem Farm, has to be one of the best off-road parks in South Australia and is only a 45 minute drive from Adelaide. It is a very well organized property holding various types of off-road events and competitions and has some of the friendliest staff you will ever come across. The different types of tracks available are a huge bonus, with steep rocky hill climbs, to creek crossings and mud runs. They have two man made tracks to fully test out the flex of your truck and then the rest of the property is natural tracks, putting your truck to the test around every corner.

As you can see from the photos the scenery is breathtaking and if you're ever in Adelaide, look us up and we'll be more than happy to take you for a nice sloppy mud run.

See you on the tracks!

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