By Jon Maib
This year, due to work constraints, family obligations and the like, I didn't have a lot of time to spend at SEMA. In fact, I only had one full day! If you've never been to SEMA or haven't heard too much about it, for me to try and see everything in one day is nearly impossible, maybe even downright crazy to try! I knew I needed to get out there, shake the hands of our sponsors, meet some new ones and see some of the coolest vehicles on the planet. My plane left Texas at 7:00am and I arrived in Vegas around 7:45am. I quickly grabbed a cab and headed to the convention center to get my media pass. Luckily, media gets to head in 30 min early, so I set a plan to practically run down the aisles and get pics of the sweetest rigs that caught my eye and then go back and meet with vendors / sponsors and get more detailed pictures if needed.

My flight home was the same day at around 6pm. So as you can imagine, it was a full day of running around, snapping pictures, trying to get information on new items and meeting with sponsors. My feet were on fire and my flight didnt get back to Texas until 11:45pm. I was beat.

I was able to grab some awesome pictures for you and get some information on the cool products that will be coming out soon. Before we get to the onslaught of sweet rigs, I wanted to show you a couple of products that are sure to take the market by storm. Starting out with the new Bestop Trektop NX Glide:

Bestop has created their best selling top in a zipper-less system. That's right! The NX Glide will have no zippers on the rear windows as it uses a chanel system in order to put the rear windows on. It will also be the first fast back style top that will be able to fully fold back without having to remove it. The new top will come in the high quality black twill that we've come to expect from Bestop. The top is due to come out next year after a bit more R & D. (And oh how I want one!).

Another cool design we found in the Jeep fender arena is from Trail Mods. Their new fenders are removable while you are off-road ensuring that you won't damage them. They have a folding mechanism that allows you to store them in the back of your Jeep while off-road, then you can just slap them back on and you are street legal (as most states require tires to be covered). When the fender is removed, Trail Mods has designed a fender "delete" that acts as the Jeep fender while also providing the chanel for the fenders to rest in when on. (hopefully we can get our hands on these for a review!)

The Dana corporation is now producing the Ultimate Dana 44 and an Ultimate Dana 60 with built in ARB lockers and the new axle housing has an integrated port for the air system to run through; no drilling necessary. You can now buy these for a Jeep JK as a direct bolt in axle and they offer any gear ratio you could want.

These products are really just the tip of the iceberg, hopefully you will see some of the cool stuff here in a future publication, but for now.... how about some pictures of the really cool rigs I got to see.

Viewing the following pictures could lead to vehicular lust,
drooling, and spontaneous spending of cash!