By Jason McGuire
The Christian Off-Road Association "CORA" started back around 2005 with the idea that off-roading can be a clean fun family sport. We wanted to keep God at the center of it and use CORA to show that not all people who drive 4x4s are getting drunk and tearing up farmers' fields. These goals are good but, one of the main goals of CORA is to use our hobby to reach out to others and help bring them to know God. The club started slowly and did not become an official 'Not for Profit' until a few years ago. This is when things really took off for CORA. Christian Petersen, AKA Moose, was met by one of our members who was in Kansas City for a trip. Moose took charge of the KC chapter and they started growing very quickly. Last year we had a club trip planned to Disney, OK when we were contacted by Samuel Shea who wanted to join us from Oklahoma, City.

Since that trip one year ago, Samuel Shea has taken charge of heading up the OKC chapter. We met again this November and it was amazing to see how much the two new chapters are growing. I was also very excited because a friend of mine, Jeff, had just got a nice Ford Ranger FX4 Level 2 truck and he wanted to take it on this trip. He was even bringing anther friend along, Israel, who had never done this before, so I couldn't wait to get down there. I was not just excited for them to get to go off-roading for the first time but I couldn't wait for them to get to meet all the great people that are a part of the other chapters. I knew that we would have a great time wheeling and in fellowship but it still just blew me away.

Some of us from Wichita met up early Friday morning and caravanned down to Disney. When we got down to Disney we went straight to the Green Country Camp to unload and get ready to go wheeling. We all took off and Jeff got his first experience driving his truck off-road. We got some good wheeling in when we decided to head back to camp for supper. Needless to say, Jeff was quickly hooked. Even Israel was searching for older Jeeps online before the day was over. While cooking our supper we were met up by others who had either got back from wheeling also or those who were just getting there. We were able to get in some good fellowship before heading out for some night wheeling. Before I knew it I was waking up Saturday morning and hearing stories about others who were out wheeling until 5:30 in the morning. We ended up with over 54 people at this event and the fellowship was incredible. What was so awesome was seeing all of the families that came down. There were more than just the guys, there were women and children there also. Saturday morning after breakfast Brian Tucker gave a great devotional to start the day off with. We then headed out to get a group picture by the Grand Stair Case. It was pretty cool to see about 31 rigs lined up in and around the rock garden by the Grand Stair Case. After that I volunteered to head up the beginners group or what I like to call 'The Lighter Side of Wheeling' group. We had a great time. Everyone listened and followed directions very well. Greg Armstrong was kind enough to take up the rear and make sure everyone was ok. We had a lot of rigs in this group but we were still able to cover a lot of ground. That evening we all met back at camp and had some good music provided by John Roszel, AKA Big John, before Stephen Gotobed gave his testimony. This trip was turning out to be more of a retreat than just a wheeling trip. Stephen was very open about his past and how God was changing his life around. This had a big impact on a majority of the people that were there. We learned about a person who found the club, started learning about God, and got baptized! We learned about family members who hadn't been around each other in many years who all came to this event. It was amazing to see how God was moving in the lives of other people. Of course after this devotional was over it was back out to the trails for some more night wheeling. The next morning brought a powerful 3 hour long devotional. We started with songs lead by Big John and then Moose asked everyone to share something encouraging about one other person that they got to spend time with over the weekend. With over 54 people this took some time but it was very moving. A majority of the time was spent sharing before I shared a short devotional on the importance of having a spiritual spotter in your life. After this was over many people packed up to head home but a few of us had to go back out for one more run.

Overall the trip was amazing. Not only did we get in some great wheeling but there were awesome devotionals and increasable fellowship. I was so moved to see the goals that we set for CORA so many years ago being met on this trip. There were friends and families setting a great example of how God wants us to treat each other. There were stories about how club members were spreading the word of God and people being baptized. We saw family members come together for the first time in many years. We saw families with their children coming out and enjoying the fellowship. Not only did I get to see my friends start to enjoy a hobby that I love but I also got to see how the fellowship impacted them in such a positive way. God is moving in amazing ways through the leaders of our humble club and it really shows on these amazing trips.