By Tim Denney
On the weekend of March 23-26, the DFW chapter of Christian Crawlers club and the Jeepers4Jesus club teamed up for an outing to Hidden Falls Adventure park in Marble Falls Texas. We had around 18-20 rigs meet up for a weekend of hanging out, games, time in God's Word, and some wheeling. The two clubs had never met up before so it was good to meet people face to face and to get to know each other better.

A few of us arrived on Thursday to get everything set up and managed to sneek in some wheeling to get reacquainted with the park. Most people came trickling in that evening and the rest came Friday morning. We started Friday with a devotion and then proceded to get into a group to hit some of the trails in the park. Luckily, we were able to stay in one group and hit some of the better trails and had no hang ups and were able to covered quite a bit of the park. After a fun day of wheeling together, we ended the day all gathering around the campfire and just got to know each other.

Saturday morning started off pretty much the same; we all met up for a short devotional before we heading out again. We had a few people that were fairly new to wheeling, so we got to spend some time getting them more comfortable off-roading their vehicles. It was rewarding to see their confidence grow through the day and through out the rest of the weekend. We did manage to have some minor damage but it was just a broken driveshaft, which gave an opportunity for God to further pull us together. The word was put out on Facebook that a driveshaft was needed and to our luck, one was located not too far away. The driveshaft was ready when it was picked up and the guy that provided it, wouldn't take any money for it. I just love it when God's people take care of each other. We met up on Saturday afternoon to play some wheeling games that worked on your driving skills and another to work on your spotting skills. For the driving skills course, a passenger had to hold an egg in a spoon while the driver navigated a course. The spotter course was a bit more adventurous as the driver was blindfolded and the passenger had to guide them through the same course. It was a blast, the kids really enjoyed it, and not too many rigs were put into the trees. After the games concluded, we had a drawing for a Engo 9000lb winch that was donated by C4x4's Editor, David Austin. The winch was raffled off to support the Texas Baptist Home for Children located in Waxahachie, Texas. God's Spirit was at work in that as well as the person that actually won the winch, gave it away and really surprised the recipient. That afternoon, we were priveledged to have a birthday party for one of the kids (cake is always welcomed). A group headed up to the tower for a view of the sunset and a group prayer. We spent the evening around the campfire again.

Sunday was a day of departure for some and a day of wheeling for others. All in all, this was a great trip and we are all looking forward to meeting up again.