By: J. Hayden Turner & Chris Turner
Cross Bar Ranch is an off-road park in Davis Oklahoma that opened in the late 1990's and has welcomed riders from all over the United States. While the park traditionally has only allowed motorcycles, ATV's and UTV's, that all changed May 1st, 2017 when they opened up for fullsize vehicles! My family has been riding the park for about 7 years and we couldn't be more excited that we now will be able to share the park with our fullsized vehicle friends.

I met with John Pletcher with MidGround Creators, who is now managing the park and learned the history and what's in store for the future. John is very enthusiastic and excited about the park and the changes that are being put into place. Currently there are 28 Full electric and water hook ups for RVs and Enclosed Trailers as well as a couple bathroom facilities for the day riders. The park has been growing and just finished building a sound stage for concerts along with an area for food trucks. They are hoping by the end of 2017 to have more RV parking, cabins for weekend rentals and a pavilion.

Cross Bar Ranch was once a thriving Cattle Ranch, from the early 1900's to the late 1990s before being sold to the City of Davis, Oklahoma. The ranch is over 6,500 hundred acres with bits of all types of terrain. With 22 miles of "Red" or hard trails and 17 miles of "Blue" or easier trails, and an estimated 100 miles of unmarked trails, there is something for everyone. It's definitely a park that you cannot ride all in one day.

The Blue trails are what we call cruising trails. They are awesome if you just want to kick back and trail ride but also enjoy the scenery and wildlife such as deer, turkeys, hogs, raccoons, rabbits and all kinds of birds. I have never seen a snake, but I don't go looking for things I don't want to find! If we don't have a lot of time to ride or if we have newer riders with us we usually stick to the blue trails. I think the Blue trails will be really popular with the 4x4 clubs. It has some challenging areas and depending on the weather, a stock Jeep Wrangler Rubicon should be able to do the majority of these trails. Vehicles with less ground clearance and street tires might have some issues in the rocky or muddy sections but there are usually bypass' if needed.

The Red trails are the more challenging trails and what I love riding the most. There are creeks to cross, steep rocky sections, long hill climbs and tight turns and the views from the top of hills are awesome.

Cross Bar is in the process of widening all the trails for the fullsize vehicles but, to ride the whole trail, you will need to start early and pack a lunch as it will take the majority of the day. A Jeep on 35's or larger tires with at least a rear locker and winch should be able to do a big portion of the Red trails but there are sections that will require both front and rear lockers, a spotter and a winch.

The park is very well organized by mile markers and they provide you with a map so you can know exactly where you are at all times. If the trail starts to get too difficult or you run low on time you can find an exit to the main road pretty easy.

Cross Bar Ranch hosts an average of 4 events each year, and recently had an Ultra 4 race that was a great success despite the 9"+ of rain they received that weekend. They will also be having their "Fall On The Top" event in October, and an event honouring Veterans in September.

Cross Bar is a great park that I know many people will continue to enjoy for years to come, so be sure to go check it out!