By Jon Maib
We are always on the lookout for those unique accessory items that help our vehicles stand out while providing a needed performance. When we were contacted by NFC Performance to check out their line of Oracle LED lighting, we saw one of those unique accessories on their website that we had to get for Project Vulture.

NFC Performance has a huge selection of Oracle Halo lights (available in CCFL, LED and Plasma with many colors to choose from), Halo fog lights, and all the LED off-road lights you could possibly want. But, when we saw these Oracle LED Side Mirrors, we knew we needed them, so NFC Performance shipped these out to us at what seemed to be warp speed so we could get these added to our Jeep.

Opening the box, you get 2 new mirror "shells", each with a dozen high intensity LED lights pre-installed, a high quality photo instruction sheet and Wrangler specific plug and play wiring for the lights. The only thing that is not included with this kit is a toggle switch to turn these LEDs on (some additional wiring and connectors may be needed depending on how you run your wiring and where you put your toggle switch).

The one thing we found with the instructions is that they are geared toward newer wrangler (2011+) with heated mirrors. So, if you're like us and have an older model (ours is a 2010 Wrangler Sport without heated mirrors), just use the instructions as a simple guide, as you will find it to be a bit different and we'll walk you through it.

Without heated mirrors or power windows/locks, you can start by just removing the mirrors from the door using a T40 screw bit. Once you have the mirrors off, you will need to pop off the glass from the old shells. You just need to grab the top of the glass and gently pull towards you until the top pops out. After that, you will just need to gently pry up the bottom up to remove the glass.

Once the glass is off, you can then proceed and remove the 3 T20 screws that are holding the base in. You will also need to remove the bottom T40 screw so you can fully disassemble the mirrors. Separating the base can be a little difficult and may take a few gentle taps to get the 2 to separate. Once you have them separated, you can then install the old base into your new LED Side Mirror shells. Route the LED wiring through the base and ensure you don't pinch the wires, put all the screws back in and then pop the glass back in.

In our Jeep, the door did not actually have a way for the LED wire to be run because there is a small plastic box that has no openings. We took a drill bit large enough to fit the wire connector and drilled a hole in the plastic box at an angle in order to run the cable through the door. We also decided to drill another hole on the inside of the door near the door strap to run the wire through so it doesn't interfere with the window when rolled up or down. In order to run the wire though, you will need to remove the door panel as well as the inner panel. There are 4 screws (2 at the bottom, 2 in the door handle) that need to be taken out. You will then need to remove the window crank in order to get the panel off. There is a small pin just on the inside that will have to be pulled off. Once you have the panel off, you can now remove the inner panel. The inner panel will be a little harder to pull off and is easier to remove if the window is rolled down. Once you have enough space to fit your arm in, you can route the wire through the door and the door strap and then you can begin to re-assemble everything in reverse order.

We picked up an $8 blue LED toggle switch at our local auto parts store and decided to install it on the driver's A pillar panel. So we removed the A pillar panel and the side dash panel to route all the wires through. We drilled a hole to fit our new switch and then installed all the wiring from both mirrors and connected directly to the battery and tested to ensure the lights and switch worked.

The new Oracle LED side mirrors look really cool on our Project Vulture and give it a very unique look! The lights are super bright, even during the early evening when we finished them up. We then just had to sit back, admire our work and wait until it got dark to really test these out.

Once the sun finally dropped down, we took the Jeep out to a local field to see how well these LEDs perform. We were thoroughly impressed with these lights! We love the fact that these can light up everything around us and are going to be fantastic on the trail. Here are a few night pics of just our headlights and then with the added Oracle LED lights. What a night and day difference!

A cool feature that we realized, since these are mounted on the door... you can position these lights for many different things. Need to work on your engine??? Just pop open your hood and open your doors... instant lighting!

The only downside to these lights we can see is that if you decide to take your doors off, you don't have your lights. However, that can easily be solved by mounting these to some trail doors!

We want to offer a special thanks to NFC Performance for shipping out these really cool Oracle LED Side Mirrors out for us to test. Be sure to check out their website ( for all your Halo and LED product needs! NFC has even provided our readers with a $5 off coupon code found on our main pages and they guarantee you the lowest price on the web!