By Jon Maib
One of the most important things to have on any trail ride is a CB Radio. A CB allows you to keep in touch with the other vehicles you have in your group, allows a way of communication in the event of an emergency, and some even come with weather channels built in to keep you aware of changing conditions. But, a CB is only one part of the equation.

Jeep introduced the Red Rock Edition of the Wrangler at the 2015 SEMA show. This Jeep will be made in limited production and had many cool little features. Some of those cool items are the Mopar Jeep CB product line from A-1 Telecom, Inc. And while many of us won't ever own a Red Rock Edition of the Jeep Wrangler, we can however, own some of the cool Mopar CB technology that's offered on that Jeep.

A-1 Telecom worked in conjunction with the Jeep brand to come out with a whole line-up of Jeep CB equipment that is easily installed in your Jeep, giving it a bit of the Red Rock Edition coolness. The best part of this is, that all this equipment is available at! That's right, you can order online and have it shipped directly to your house or in some cases, directly to your closest Bestbuy store.

We happen to have a brand new Cobra 75WXST 40 Channel CB radio waiting to be installed in our Project Vulture. This CB allows the use of an external speaker, like the one mounted in the Red Rock Edition. The A-1 Telecom Mopar external speaker (JPCBSJI) is embossed with a Jeep logo and vehicle, and can be installed virtually anywhere in your Jeep with its 6' long cord and swivel mounting bracket. At about only 3" big, this 6 watt little speaker packs a lot of sound! We mounted this speaker in the same location as the Red Rock Edition as it keeps it tucked up and out of the way. In fact, we liked this little speaker so much; we ordered another one through to install in our '97 Jeep TJ.

Now with our Jeep speaker mounted, we installed the base for our Cobra 75WXST. With that installed, you now need a good place to store the handheld mic. Another great product from A-1 Telecom is their passenger side CB mount (JK75GBMOUNT). This simple little mount fits right behind the grab bar on 2011 and newer Jeeps. All you need to do is remove the grab bar and place the CB mount and additional spacer behind the grab bar and then reinstall. This little mount puts the CB mic at the perfect location and is easy to reach by both driver and passenger. (Now, if your Jeep is older than a 2011, this mount will not work properly. With some manipulation, you can make it work if you really wanted).

The CB is mounted; the sweet looking external speaker is mounted; now all you need is an antenna. Well, A-1 Telecom also has a Mopar licensed CB antenna kit also available at for your Jeep Wrangler (JKANTKIT). This kit is awesome and easy to install. The antenna is pre-tunned and includes Jeep logo branding and all the hardware needed to install. The mounting bracket (also available by itself: JKMOUNTor with a Coax: JKMOUNTKIT) installs into the tire carrier on the back of your Jeep. If you have removed the spare tire carrier for an aftermarket bumper/tire carrier, no need to worry, because you can still use the existing holes to install the pre-tunned antenna kit. One of the things we liked best about this antenna was that the cable end has a screw on adapter allowing you to easily thread the antenna cable through the cab of the Jeep before plugging it into your CB. This sure made threading the cable through the Jeep a cinch.

These are some great products that every true Jeep person should have installed! You can get yours today at and have them installed in no time.

A-1 Telecom - Mopar External Speaker #JPCBSJI
A-1 Telecom - CB Radio Mount #JK75GBMOUNT
A-1 Telecom - Mopar Officially Licensed complete CB Antenna kit #JKANTKIT
A-1 Telecom - Mopar - Antenna Mounting Bracket with Coax
A-1 Telecom - Mopar Licensed CB antenna mount #JKMOUNT

A-1 Telecom has also provided us with some of these items to give away as raffle prizes at our annual Crawl 4 Christ event this year, so you have a chance of winning some of these cool products. So be sure to sign up for the Crawl 4 Christ here.