It is always great to see a company giving back. We here are excited to see one of our own sponsors wanting to help keep our trails clean and open. Extreme Terrain is offering off-road clubs and parks money to help keep trails clean and maintained.

Have a trail that needs to be cleaned or improved? Check out Extreme Terrain's grant program below and visit their page to sign up today! 


Get $350 for a Trail Improvement Project

ExtremeTerrain strongly advocates for the responsible recreational use of off-road trails and is happy to launch the Clean Trail Grant Program.

This program will provide eligible groups the opportunity to apply for a grant to fund their next trail improvement related project which could range from trail clean-up, trail restoration, trail expansion, to name a few. Various Wrangler and 4x4 groups and organizations as well as publicly and privately owned off-road trails are all invited to apply for the grant.

Along with the grant, ExtremeTerrain will provide industrial strength trash bags for collection of any debris.

In order to be considered, applicants must meet one of the following requirements:

- Organize or belong to a Wrangler/4x4 group/club with more than 5 members
- Own or work at a private or public off-road park
- Organize or belong to an OHV Organization with more than 5 members

- Proof of your affiliation with organization/club/park
- Must provide digital photo of trail improvement project
- Action shots of volunteers preferred!
- Completion of application form
- Organization's are eligible once per year up to two years
- Sign the eligibility waiver

Grant should be used for the following:
- Tools needed for trail cleaning/restoration/expansion
- Food and non-alcoholic beverage for all volunteers
- Promotional materials used to attract volunteers
- Miscellaneous trail improvement expenses

* Only Clubs in the US are eligible

* Clubs are eligible for grant once