By Matthew Anderson
Have you ever wanted to put a kitchen in the back of your rig? Well, if you own a Jeep JL or JK Wrangler model Jeep, you can now simply bolt one in. The Trail Kitchen by MORryde, provides a sturdy counter space which means you can prepare food no matter where you go. You can find my mini-series on YouTube that covers the full installation from start to finish as well as the different accessories for the MORryde Trail Kitchen (Posted at the bottom of this article).

Everyone has a personal preference and different needs when it comes to cooking, you can easily customize this modular system with different accessories like the flip-out counter. The flip-out counter is one of the most beneficial parts of the kitchen because you can never have enough counter space especially if your entire rig is full of cargo. Trying preparing food on a fender or a tire is difficult, we have done it and it can be a challenge especially if your favorite cheese or other food item drops to the ground. The 5 second rule can always apply, but with the Trail Kitchen, you will not have to worry about that.

Adding the 'Clip On Counter Top' will give you the maximum amount of space and it can be stored right inside the built-in drawer allowing you to always have it with you. It can be used as an additional food preparation surface since it has the same HDPE cutting board material or it can just be a place for your portable power station allowing you to run your small appliances such as a blender for that tasty smoothie! Are you getting hungry yet?

You wouldn't call it a kitchen if it didn't have some kind of fridge or freezer. The Trail Kitchen includes a top-mounted tray for easy access to everything you need at mealtime (Our fridge shown is a Smittybilt Artic fridge and did not come with the kitchen). The tray is compatible with other brands like Dometic, ARB, and many others.

Once you have the Trail Kitchen installed and a fully stocked fridge/freezer, it is a good idea to have the right equipment easily accessable while you're cooking or even that go to item that you need while cooking on the trail. The Molle panel is an accessory that we have found that the more we use, the more it has become our go to 'store and grab' when we are out on the trail. We know exactly where it's at and items can easily be change out any time, making it a simple upgrade that can be added to the kitchen.

With the kitchen installed, it's now time to play a game of everyone's favorite; Tetris. We were able to add 4 Rubbermaid totes, Ukiah fire pit, two Tailgater Tire Tables and still have an empty seat in the back. This is in large part of the small footprint that the Trail Kitchen takes up in the rear of the Jeep's cargo area. We hope you will get out and not only explore, but take some extra time and cook up some delicious meals.

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