By Jon Maib
With Spring fast approaching, Jeepers across the country are ready to start shedding those tops and doors for the open air whipping through their hair. With Jeep doors coming off, you are left without any sort of side mirror, which makes driving more of an extreme sport and illegal in some states that require that you have a side mirror. There are many ways to overcome this issue, from really cheap solutions to much more expensive.

Originally, I went the cheap way and purchased a set of small 2" blind spot mirrors for like $6 from my local Auto Zone. These were mounted on the AC vents on the driver and passenger sides. They don't provide a great view to what is happening on either side of the Jeep, but it has been better than nothing. When the doors went back on, I would just rotate the vent to hide the mirror. It's a cheap solution and barely works, but like I said, it was better than nothing.

There are many mirror solutions on the market for the Jeep JK/JL with all sorts of mounting locations. I wanted to show you one of the newest mirrors that has recently hit the market. The JPeggz, from our friends over at JTopsUSA in conjunction with Vinyl Customz & Signz, are a simple streamline mirror and foot pad solution that securely attach to your Jeep door hinges and provide a large dome 6" stainless steel mirror, giving you viewing access to everything around you, all while allowing you to hang your foot out the door in pure Jeep style.

The JPeggz mount in sort of an unconventional way as you have to slide them UP into the hinge and then you can take the provided 'anti-theft' OEM T50 nuts to securely attach the JPeggz to your Jeep. Once you tighten the T50 nuts down, the JPeggz are not going anywhere and are now securely attached to your Jeep so no one can just walk off with them. I really appreciate the secure feature of these mirrors as some of the other mirror solutions on the market lend themselves to the possibility of theft.

The construction of the JPeggz is simple, clean and they look great. There is very little vibration in the mirror and they do not whistle loud at high speeds. We took our project Vulture out at highway speeds and the JPeggz were comfortable and provided the ability to see everything next to us. In fact, they even do great in car accidents! Wait, what? While testing the JPeggz out, our Jeep was rear ended on the highway, the JPeggz didn't even move.

As I stated at the beginning, there are many mirror solutions on the market that will get the job done, but these little JPeggz look great, are secure and provide you with the ability to see all sides of your Jeep with the doors off and can keep you legal if you live in a state that requires side mirrors. The best part of these though is that they work for a JK as well as a JL! So if you decide to sell your JK to upgrade to a JL, be sure to keep you JPeggz because they will convert over! But don't just take my word for it, see what my buddy Matthew Anderson from Jeepsroc has to say about them.