By Matthew Anderson
This ADS (Air Delivery System) not only provides the ability to air down, air up, but also to fine tune. That's right, fine tune your tire pressure to the comfort level your looking for; whether it be on the road or off-road. This ADS system developed by Up Down Air will air up or air down all 4 tires at the same time.

Up Down Air is filling the gap by offering not only a complete air system, but additionally an add-on system for those who are already running onboard air. This is great news for those who only purchased an onboard system to run their lockers. Now you can add this system to control your tire pressure as well as still use your compressor to run your lockers.

This is a permanent install to the Jeep itself so, there is a commitment involved and will require some drilling. This is due to the installation of four Schrader valves and running air lines from the back of the vehicle to the front and into the engine compartment. The documentation is precise and each of the air line lengths have been precut to fit each specific vehicle. Each install and placement of Schrader valves may be different due to each Jeep having different modifications installed on the rig. And thats the great part of this system, you can customize it to how you want it.

The add-on system we tested only required a few hand tools, a drill and a tube cutter. The picture shown below includes all tools necessary to complete the build. This is a weekend type project that can be completed on your own.

Once the system has been installed, you will only need four "green whips" which are included with the system. No longer will you need all those air down tools or tire pressure gauges. Up Down Air has taken the time to develop this system all the way down to the quick disconnects. There is a nice bar that allows you to grip the quick connect and place them on the Schrader air valves even if you are wearing gloves or have long finger nails.

Before the Up Down Air System

After installing the Up Down Air System

- Compatible with Jeep JK & Ford Gen 2 Raptor
- Drilling required to install
- Hook up for quick disconnect lines to air down or air up your tires
- Adjustable dial to fine tune the PSI pressure for all 4 tires
- Systems work with ARB or VIAIR compressors.
- 1-year replacement guarantee