By J. Hayden Turner
It has been nine years since the first Polaris RZR 800 came out, and since, the side by side market has exploded! With technology increasing year by year, the capabilities of these vehicles have only increased. With everyone modifying and improving their RZR's and Can- Ams, I knew I needed to build mine to show what a 'little' RZR 570S can do! With the few parts I have installed, the safety and capabilities of my 570S has already greatly improved.

If you don't know about the RZR 570S, it's Polaris' new addition to the sport category; like the RZR 570 that was introduced back in 2012, it has the single cylinder 570cc motor but, so much more has been changed to create the sport model. The 570S has all new suspension and was lengthened 4" longer than the 570, giving it a better approach angle. It was also widened to 60" (compared to the 570's 50") to give it more stability on the trail. Polaris also gave it better Sach shocks with additional travel in the front and rear giving it an additional 1.5" more clearance. With the larger redesigned suspension, they also gave it 2" taller Maxxis Bighorn tires to help it get over obstacles. This vehicle also came with factory power steering that balances easy comfortable steering with the ability for you to still feel the terrain.

DragonFire Racing RacePace front bumper:
The first thing I purchased when I bought my RZR was a DragonFire bumper. I knew that since I mainly trail ride, the front grill had to be protected from trees. I installed the bumper with the help of my father in our garage and it only took about 30 minutes. Installation of the bumper was simple and made the RZR looks great! The bumper has great welds, a smooth black powder coated finish and nice end caps. There is a good balance of strength without adding too much weight, which is important, because with these vehicles', weight is everything!

Warn V3000S Winch:
I purchased a Warn V3000S Winch to help with recoveries on the trail. My Father and I installed this kit in our own garage as well. The installation was simple and only took us about 3.5 hours. This kit includes everything thing you need, the winch, wiring, controllers and even a synthetic winch line! Since we installed it, I have yet to have any problems with it. The winch did not come with brackets to bolt it the frame, so we ordered them with we purchased the bumper from DragonFire racing. Overall, it was a great addition to the vehicle.

DragonFire Racing RacePace Dash bar and Headache bars:
When I was buying parts for the RZR, safety is always something I keep in mind. I decided to go with the DragonFire Racing headache bars and dash bars to hold the cage a little tighter. Hopefully I never put the RZR on its side, or lean it up against a tree, but if I do, the cage won't bend or break. Like the bumper we installed, the welds were clean and well done, the powder coat smooth and it also came in OEM red. The installation was easy as it simply clamped right onto the cage.

Pro Armor 2' Harnesses:
Like the dash and headache bars, safety continues to be a concern, especially from my parents. For Christmas, my Grandmother gave me a set of Pro Armor 2' harnesses that will help keep me and any passenger firmly in the seat. The installation was easy as the factory hardware is reused and they just bolt right in. The harness is comfortable and looks great in my RZR! The only issue I had was that the tops of the harness kept sliding over since it is just looped around the cage. We corrected this with the Pro Armor harness retainer straps and ever since, they have worked perfectly. Additionally, I had to purchase the seatbelt sensor bypass in order to override the belt sensor that only allows the vehicle to go 15mph when tripped.

The RZR has been a great project so far, and is a very capable vehicle. I know there will be more accessories added so you'll see more of the RZR on!