By David Austin

Well we here at C4X4.COM have some very exciting news to share with you the readers. Jon Maib, one of the original FOUNDERS of C4X4 is coming back on board with us and will be working on our web designs, covering events and project.

Jon is very talented in web design and does amazing work with pictures for us to share with you. He will be jumping head first into working on a new and refreshing look for C4X4.

Jon is a long time Jeep enthusiast and we have enjoyed hitting the trails with Jon in Disney and Clayton before. He and his family will be an exciting boost for us.

Randy Putt is now the new President on Christian Crawlers Club in Northwest Arkansas. He will still be working along side Jon working with the web and we hope he will able to provide us even more coverage of events. Randy is taking the lead in the area of Overlanding runs in the Arkansas area which is proving to be very interesting to many in the Off Roading Community that share a deep interest in scenery and less about beating their rigs up.

M wife and I will be following Randy around on our first overlanding trip this month when we tackle the famed "K" trail that runs from Clayton, Ok. to Mena, Ar.

You will be sure and want to come to the Crawl 4 Christ event in Disney on July 2nd- 4th where you will have the opportunity to meet Jon and Melody in person.

As our team grows you can expect to see great thing in the near future.

God Bless You and Yours

David Austin Okie-Out
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