By Matthew Anderson
Do It Yourself. Trust us, this is a DIY project that only takes a few hand tools or power tools if you want to speed up the job. This modification takes a MOPAR box and makes it into a rolling storage box!

Building materials

- MOPAR Box (Usually won at a raffle or you purchased MOPAR upgrades)
- Harbor Freight Rolling Dolly - Part # 63095


- Hammer
- Screw Driver
- Drill
- Drill Bits
- Tape Measure
- Saw (Hand/Power)

Here are the simple steps to make this box a functional peice of furniture for the garage, man cave, backyard or if your significant other lets you, the living room!

Step 1 - Remove pallet from MOPAR box if applicable

Step 2 - Disassemble Harbor Freight Rolling Dolly (You will be using all of the hardware so don't lose anything nuts or bolts)

Step 3 - Remove the carpet from the pieces of wood

Step 4 - Cut the ends of the pre-drilled holes, making sure to leave just enough to make a complete square to drill to the bottom of the MOPAR box

Step 5 - Using the cut ends drill new holes large enough to fit bolts on each corner.
Do not use the same cut piece for each corner. Number each corner of the box and match to the
cut ends

Step 6 - Install casters to MOPAR box

Step 7 - Post on Instagram @c4x4_magazine or Facebook @c4x4magazine we want to see what
you decide to store in the box or what you created with yours!