By David Austin
Every year, Elite Jeep of Oklahoma City, head up the 'Christmas in July' toy drive for the local Children's Hospital. After Christmas, the childrens hospital usually has a plentiful supply of toys by the first of the year, but by the middle of the summer, their supply has dwindled down to the critical level. The hospital always takes a toy cart around to every sick child when they are admitted or whenever they need a little pick me up from a procedure.

This year UCORA and C4x4 again had the pleasure of being part of this great event. Chris and Reg Valerius who are the owners of Obsolete Autos in OKC, have been putting this event together for several years now. This year, several other Jeep groups wanted to participated in gathering toys for the kids. We all met at their shop and then had to check out the cars they had in their shop.

I will say, I sure do look great standing in front of this yellow 1970 Shelby Cobra. Don't you think?

As we were getting all the toys loaded into the some 40 Jeeps we had there, one of the city officers showed up and provided us with a police escort from Southeast Oklahoma to the Children's Hospital. As our convoy rolled up I-35 with our escorts lights flashing, I thought to myself, it was nice to be behind the cop with the flashing lights instead of having him coming up behind me! As we were escorted up in front of the Children's Hospital, we were greeted by several volunteers rolling cart after cart out for us to unload the toys onto. After loading the carts, we gathered up inside to be addressed by the administrator of their volunteers that handles the distribution of the toys to all of the children that are so very sick.

After the toys were toted off to the store room, we said our good byes to all those that participated who were headed back home as well as many who were headed to a local BBQ joint to visit some more and get some food. I am sure you can guess which group I fell into because I love me some BBQ. Elite Jeep is a large supporter of our Crawl 4 Christ event every year and we want to thank them for their support, but we also wanted to thank them for allowing us to be part of their Christmas in July toy drive. It is so great to see all our Jeepin friends working together for this type of a cause.

Elite Jeep also does a drive for the homeless in late fall that you know UCORA and C4x4 will be there to help in any way that we can. Thank You Chris and Reg and the rest of the participates for allow us to be part of this great event.