By Jon Maib
We have had an on-going issue with Project Vulture whenever we remove our Bestop NX Glide and our doors. With the Jeep fully open, we have noticed that if we do not take the rear passenger floor mats out, they tend to wind up out on the road because the wind tends to blows them out. Removing our floor mats has now become a part of going topless.

Recently we came across the Eagle Klaw and figured this was a perfect solution to keeping our mats in place. We purchased 2 sets of the high quality plastic Eagle Klaws with the 3/8" cutter from for about $18. We planned on using 2 per mat, but in reality, we could have probably got away with just one per mat to keep them from flying out. The kit we got came with 5 Klaws (an extra claw is provided) 4 washers, 4 screws and one cutter.

These Klaws are ideal to use in a Jeep because the carpeting has plenty of padding underneath for the Klaws to grab a hold of. We took the mats out of Vulture and installed the Klaws on opposite sides of each mat. Using the provided punch cutter, we placed a block of wood under the mat and made the hole using a hammer. We then placed the screw in the top of the mat and attached the washer and claw underneath. Once both mats were completed, we took them inside the Jeep and using a hammer, lightly hit the screws squarely on the head to cause the Klaw to take grip of the carpet. Once they are set, you can unscrew the mat and ensure the claws are fully seated in the carpet. If not, use the hammer and gently tap the Klaw the rest of the way through the carpet.

This is a great product as it was inexpensive and easy to install. Our mats are now secured to the floor and will no longer try to fly out when we are cruising down the highway topless.