By Jon Maib
If you have never heard about or been to a 4 Wheel Parts Truck fest in a town near you, you need to go! All the best companies showing off all their latest and greatest products and selling them at special show prices! Not only do you get to talk with the vendors, most of them have vehicles there with the products on it so you can see it, touch it and see how it works!

Many of the vendors onsite had "show only" deals going on where you could purchase their products cheaper than any website or store. It was difficult to not just go on a buying spree! I was excited to see one of my favorite Jeeps that I've seen onsite there. Poison Spyder not only had their LJ there on display, but also had their big rig and selling all of their products and gear. It was really cool to be able to see some of our other favorite vendors there and be able to talk with them about upcoming and current product offerings.

I had asked my wife to come with me so she could see the variety of aftermarket accessories for her Jeep in the attempt for her to allow me to start a build on it... and my evil plan worked! One of the cool things about Truck Fest is that 4 Wheel Parts has old / out of date / damaged products onsite at extremely discounted prices. We almost walked away spending WAY too much money there. We were going to buy bumpers for her Jeep, but weren't really happy with the limited selection and would have had to go with different types of front and rear bumpers, so we opted out. But, in our search of parts, we happened upon the dent / scratch section and there it sat. A damaged 10th Anniversary Rubicon hood! I looked over it for what seemed an hour figuring out if it was something I could fix. They only wanted $200 for it (retails for $599 + tax). After a few, the wife looks at me and says, if you wanna do it, go for it! So, I went over to a sales rep and said, "Will you take $150 for this?" He said "Yup", so I  we went home with the hood. Be sure to check out our "Vulture Project" for the hood repairs and install!

Probably one of the coolest things about a Truck Fest event is the Parking lot! Everyone brings their rigs out and the parking lot ends up looking more like a truck show than anything else! One of my favorite vehicles I saw was a black Jeep "Brute". Wish I could have taken that home with me!

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