By Matthew Anderson
While we were at Easter Jeep Safari this year, we took along our new Joytutus 42 Quart – fridge/freezer and put it to the test on our 3,000 mile road trip; Which included snow, sand, and some hot temperatures.

Before leaving for our trip, the fridge/freezer was completely filled to save as much money on an already costly trip. Taking as much food and drinks as we could fit, saved us time and money at the gas stations as well as provided us our favorite trail foods while tackling some very tough and technical trails in Moab Utah.

We knew when leaving for our trip, that our fridge/freezer would need to be as portable as possible as we would have many stops and would be staying in many different hotels throughout our 7 state road trip.

Joytutus sells a portable power station as well. Using some heavy duty Velcro and a carabiner to hold the additional wiring we were able to temporarily attach the power station which allowed us to move it without losing any power and continuing to keep our food cold.

During the day the fridge/freezer was charged by using the Jeep battery, at night it was charged by the power station. We kept it going by recharging the power station while being on the trails and road.

The entire two weeks, we kept the temperatures in the cooler the same. The small side (box) we used as a freezer at 0° and 40° for the larger side as a fridge. This keep everything just right because you can control each side separately, as well as turn them off completely because they are both controlled individually. This means you can have a fridge/freezer, fridge/fridgeor a freezer/freezer, the choice yours. If you finish up your food or drinks, you can always save power by turning one of them off as well.

This was a great cooler that never needed ice, never lost power, and survived over 3,000 miles, which also included five off-road trails in Colorado, Utah, and Arizona. Because it's portable, it also has non-slip wheels and a magnetic handle so everything stays in place.

SPECS & Features
- Dual Zone independent control
- Capacity 42 Quart
- -4°(-20°)~50°(10°) Setting
- Non-slip wheels, Magnetic handle, USB socket and Inside Led
- Powerful compressor 15 min to 32°(0°) (empty refrigerator)

External Dimensions: 65.2 x 37.8 x 46.5 cm (25.7*14.9*18.3 inch)
Inside Dimensions: Big Box is 13.15*11.22*13.58 inch, Small Box is 11.22*5.29*7.08 inch

Product shown in the video

JOYTUTUS 12 Volt Refrigerator, 42 Quart (40L) Dual Zone Portable Freezer 12/24V DC and 120-240V AC

JOYTUTUS Portable Power Station for 12 Volt Refrigerator - 216Wh Backup Battery with 12-16.8V/10A DC Output & 5V/3A USB Output