By Jon Maib
Are you looking for a beefy, good looking tow hook for your rig? Look no further than the new Bolt Lock 'Locking Recovery Hook'. When I first received these hooks, I was not ready for what revealed itself when I opened the box for the first time. These shiny, massive hooks are made from aircraft grade Aluminum and appear to be milled out of a single block!

These hooks are rated for 10,000lbs each, can swivel 160 degrees and have a stainless-steel lock shutter to help keep dirt and moisture out. The Bolt Lock recovery hooks are designed for standard 7/8" bumper tabs and can be used with standard winches and recovery ropes, which, if you have purchased almost any after market bumper for your Jeep or truck, these should fit perfectly.

We installed these on a Jeep JKU with an aftermarket bumper and they fit perfect. I really like the way they sit on the tabs, almost as if it was specifically designed for this bumper. If you are unfamiliar with Bolt Locks, they are a one key lock. Wait, aren't most locks one key locks? Yes, but the genius behind Bold Locks is that you can use ANY key to set the lock. In our example, we used the ignition key to the Jeep JKU. You simple place your key inside and turn to set the lock. The lock will then key itself directly to the key inserted, and you are set. It is a onetime set only, so pick the right key you want! On a personal note, there is something so satisfying from the sound it makes when setting the lock to your key, kind of like opening a safe. Too bad I only get one turn to set it, because it sounds so cool!

The Bolt locking recovery hook retails for $259.99 and while that is going to be a sticker shock for some, this is a beefy, serious strong, well-built and good-looking hook. The best part, no one can steal these hooks because they are protected by the unique Bolt lock technology.