By Brian Letendre
The year was 1985. The truck; a 'New' Toyota pickup with Smittybilt® tube bumpers, bed bar, and those iconic KC Daylighter® off road lights. Four round and 2 rectangle lights with signature yellow smile covers contrasting the gloss black truck. It was the icon of the day, and a truck that many boys dreamed of. That was not the start of KC HiLites, but for many, watching 'Back to the Future' for the first time, it was their first introduction to the brand.

Founded in 1970, KC HiLites has been making lighting for nearly every application you can imagine! Their lights are known to withstand abuse and take a beating, but over the years, there has been performance fades compared to the newer technology used today. What are we supposed to do? Do we buy all new lights and just toss the classic icons aside? Or do we look for ways to improve the performance while we keep the nostalgic look of our favorite lights? The guys at KC HiLites have the perfect solution for their most iconic light, the KC Daylighter®.

Introducing the KC Gravity LED Conversion Bulbs. These LED replacement housings are a direct fit replacement for all 6-inch KC Daylighter housings. So if you have the original chrome (like I do), black, or custom colored housings, these fit perfectly and are super easy to install.

Unboxing these LED lights, we find ample protection in the box from shipping woes; 2, 6-inch LED sealed housings with protective films on both; and a sticker from the guys at KC.

The install was very simple. In fact, what better way to teach a young and interested teenager how to do some very basic electrical. Today's install, we will be replacing the original KC Daylighter bulbs on my Ford Superduty with these LED replacements, and I will be teaching my son Scott how to do it. Let's dive in!First we had to remove the dual chrome rings from the housing and remove the sealed beam light. These old 50W bulbs have seen better days, but they still work and the housings are in good shape given the exposure they have seen to the elements. For the first light, I did most of the work and tought Scott how it's done.

Since I had a battery out for some other wiring we had to do, we decided to see just how bright these LED replacements were, nice!

Then it was Scott's turn and he did great!

Overall, the replacement to the bulbs was easy and very quick. If you are looking to upgrade the performance of your old KC HiLites bulbs, these Gravily LED Replacements are the perfect option for you and I highly recommend them!