By Jon Maib
Since I was already tackling seat covers for our project CJ7, felt that our Project Vulture needed some love too. Our seat cloth was looking a bit dingy and really didn't match the color scheme of Vulture, so I began the hunt on the best seat covers out there. There are so many companies doing seat covers for the JKU that the options are almost mind boggling! Between colors and fabric types, you can really get anything you like!

Based on the many positive reviews, I ended on Bartact seat covers. Finding a bad review on these was actually kind of a challenge and those I found were mostly that they were difficult to install. Bartact seat covers are definitely on the higher price side of spectrum, but there is a reason. (They are even more expensive than our upholstery kit for our project CJ7).
The Bartact seat covers are made from high grade waterproof-backed polyester, come with mil-spec webbing for molle bags (provided), built to last and made in the USA. These covers are really no joke, the quality is worth every penny you spend on them! They come in 12 different colors and can even be custom made if you work with them on your idea.

I ordered their straight black covers and went ahead and threw in the rear covers as well. Covers came in quickly and I installed them the same day I installed the upholstery kit on our CJ7, just to give you an understanding how quickly this can all be done. Installation was not as hard as I had read up on, but do note, these are an extremely snug fit, which is what you want because they look almost factory! Installation took me about an hour and was pretty simplistic. A lot of tugging and pulling to get the snug covers over the original seats though, so be prepared. The only tools you will need will be to remove the rear middle seatbelt in order to get the cover on properly.

These are truly fantastic and on top of the great quality, each front seat has a zippered pocket in front and one behind, retaining your 'factory' seat pouch. If that is not cool enough, they also proved a molle bag for each seat! My kids love having the little pouches when they are in the Jeep for storing stuff in, especially on long drives. I understand that seat covers at $600 are expensive, but if you are looking for the BEST seat covers you can buy that will handle almost anything you can throw at them, spend the extra money for these!