By David Austin
C4X4 had the opportunity to join the OKC area Jeep Groups to help out with a very worthy cause. A few months ago we became aware of this particular event and we put it on our calendar. This is one of those special kind of events that tug at our heart strings and we wanted to be part of it. As many may know, we are very family oriented here at C4x4 and when kids have needs, we want to be involved which made this event a natural fit.

This is the 2nd year that Elite Jeeps have ram rodded this event to help re-stock the toy closets at the Children's Hospital. Each day, a volunteers takes a cart loaded full of toys to every child that is checked into the hospital. If they are well enough, they are allowed to pick a toy from the toy cart. The volunteers dont rush the picking process because it's a short window of time that the childs mind is directed away from their serious illness and pain that they are enduring.

At the beginning of the year, the hospital usually has an ample supply of toys that they recieved during the Christmas season. By mid summer however, the toy closets are running low and many of the workers become concerned they wont have enough toys to distribute but, help was on the horizon. A long line of Jeeps would be rolling up shortly, bearing donations in the form of new toys to restock the toy closet.

As C4X4 rolled up to the rear parking lot of Obsolete Auto, we found 2 long lines of Jeeps all packing gifts for the Hospital. We quickly checked in and got our provided T shirts, said our hellos to old friends and met a few new ones and then it was time to head toward the Hospital. Around 30 rigs pulled onto I 35 and rolled north into Oklahoma City and found our way into the parking area the hospital had provided.

The volunteers were readily awaiting with several push carts to load the toys on and they quickly realized they were going to need more carts. So they called in for reinforcements and beckoned for flat bed carts. They rolled all of the toys into the main entrance where we met with volunteers for a short time where they expressed their appreciation for our efforts. As we wrapped up our presentation, most of the group headed up to the North side and got a good sitting of Bar B Q at Rudy's.

It was a really GREAT experience and we thank Reg and Chris Valerius and the rest of the Elite Jeep group who work so hard on putting together such a needed event.

We all tend to get caught up in this 4x4 world and our attention gets pushed toward the big off-road events with slinging mud and rock crawling or we try and show how cool of a rig we have. We need to take the blinders off every once in a while so we can use that off-road enthusiasm and have a direct impact on things that can really make a difference.

Just think of the hundreds of sick children that this Jeep group were able to make a small impact on and help spread a little sunshine on their otherwise gloomy day. May God bless this group and the many others that are using their vehicles to help make a difference

If your group or club does not have any kind of activities or events that have this focus, then maybe you are the one that is suppose to try to get something started. If you have any questions on how or what your group could do, then fill free to contact us here at and we can help direct you or answer any questions so that you too might make a difference in someone's life.

God Bless You and Yours

Okie Out

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