By Jon Maib
C4x4 along with UCORA have been putting on our Annual Crawl 4 Christ for 9 years now. At the beginning, it was held at different locations throughout the country but, we have begun to settle the event in Disney, OK each year because of its fantastic off-road location and ability to house all of our participants. We are able to work with the Green Country Camp that has dorms and cabins as well as a main meeting hall where they even cook meals for everyone, while being smack dab in the middle of all the wheelin' in Disney. So, participants aren't far from the action at any time!

As an editor for C4x4, this is only my second year participating in the Crawl 4 Christ. I love wheelin' at Disney due to the super grippy rocks and all the different things you can find to do. So when the Crawl 4 Christ event comes around, I can't wait to get up there and wheel with new friends and some old ones.

This trip started out pretty normal for me. Loaded up the Jeep on a borrowed trailer and strapped it down. Got the family loaded up and we headed out from our home in McKinney, TX toward Disney, OK. About an hour and a half into our journey (which should be around a 4 hour trip) we noticed one of our trailer tires beginning to smoke and shred apart. So, about a mile outside of Atoka, OK, we pull over with no spare tire.

I had to pull the Jeep off the trailer and take the blown tire off and head into Atoka to find a tire shop. After getting the tire replaced, I headed back and got the tire back on, attached our Tow Burb to the trailer and loaded the Jeep back on to the trailer. As I put the Tow Burb into drive... it dies on me and I can't get it to start. So we end up calling roadside assistance and they tow our Suburban to a local shop. Come to find out that our fuel pump is dead.

So after 5 hours of repair we are finally back on the road, way behind schedule and missed the Friday meet and greet. We finally make it to camp around 1:30am and were super tired and just hit the sack. Woke up around 8am to get registered and get the Jeep unloaded. I left the wife and daughter sleeping while I got ready to go wheeling with the group. We had our drivers meeting, said a pray and lined up for our trail runs. We run an extreme group, a moderate group and a beginners group so we jumped in line with the moderate group and headed to the Rock Garden. The Rock Garden is a fun place to go and just play around as it has everything for every type of vehicle. It's the perfect spot to cut your teeth on the rocks of Disney.

After playing around in the Rock Garden, we headed into some of the trails and eventually came upon a rolled vehicle. I didn't get a pic of it because I jumped out to help up right the buggy as it was a buddy. We got the buggy up righted and then I noticed where he rolled.... I guess it was only natural for him to roll here.

While the buggy was on its side, it had lost most of its oil, so I needed to drive him back to camp for some extra oil. We got back, filled the buggy up with oil and then he wanted to head over to Viagra. An obstacle that you have to have nerves of steel to drive up. When we got over there, Brad Austin (Editor David Austin's son) was attempting to drive up it, and after a few wheel stands, made it look pretty easy.

After Brad made it, my buddy Mitch in his Green Hornet buggy decided to try it. He was doing pretty well until his buggy took a wrong bounce and ended up flipping him for the second time that day (check out the video). He ended up busting his cage in 3 places, bent rims, and had fluids leaking. After that, his buggy was pretty much done for the day.

Later that night, after dinner, we had our raffle. Of all the events I've been too, the Crawl 4 Christ has one of the largest raffles I've seen. It's worth coming to the event just for the raffle! And since this is a family friendly event, even the kids win stuff. We have a raffle for just the kids and have had sponsors supply toys to give out to every kid. One of the largest things we gave away this year were 5 33" Swampers provided by our friends over at Interco Tires! Lots of people were hoping to win those! It's always fun to watch the people with hundreds of tickets in their hands trying to figure out if their number was called.

After the raffle, everyone headed out for the yearly firework show over the dam. This year they apparently moved where the fireworks were launched so our parking spot above the Little Blue obstacle (which is only for extreme vehicles now) was not the best place to view the fireworks like years past.

Very early Sunday morning, we had some severe weather come in and drop a bunch of rain on unsuspecting vehicles, but most were not fazed by a little water in their rigs. After breakfast and an optional morning devotional, people began either loading up for the weekend or getting a little more wheeling in before having to head home.
It was another great year for the Crawl 4 Christ and despite some car troubles, I had a blast yet again. I look forward to next year and hope that you can join us!

I would like to give a shout out to all of our sponsors that help make this such an amazing event! (you can see them all over at our Crawl 4 Christ page)

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