For our lift, we contacted Skyjacker "The Bear of Suspensions". For those of you that are unaware of it, Skyjacker is a Christian owned company and is not afraid to share it, in fact we are very excited to have them as a sponsor for C4x4. You can now purchase their new logo...

... and display it proudly right next to your 4Wheelers 4Christ sticker! Skyjacker has just recently come out with 2 new lifts for the TJ, the Rock Ready 6" & 8" lift. For our specific project we went with the Rock Ready 6" kit.

Our plan was to put on a 6" lift with 35 x 12.50 TSL Swampers on 15 x 8" American's. (If you are thinking of putting 38's on your TJ, Skyjacker recommends the 8" kit). With the help of JeepTrix, we began the process of our new 6" lift.

Skyjacker recomends to have a professional mechanic install the lift for you, and rightly so, if you don't have the appropriate tools, this lift would be next to impossible to install. We started our lift off by throwing the TJ up on the lift. Removing the tires and wheels, we began to dismantle the front which included removing the draglink to install the new pitman arm, dropping the front axle to remove the stock coils, and removing the four link system. After this, we installed the new front cradle that bolts onto the stock axle. With our cradle though, we decided to weld it to the axle as well as bolt it to add a little more strength. Next, we installed our new upper control arms as stated in the directions.

The next part, has to be without a doubt the toughest part in the entire process, removal of the factory lower control arm mounts. We wanted it tool look seamless, so we spent a good deal of time removing and making it look like there were never factory mounts installed. After the mounts were removed, it was time to install the new sub frame and drop the transfer case with the provided bracket. Once installed we bolted the new sub frames to the Jeep we reinforced it by welding it.

,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Anyone seen the front bumpstop? ...............................................

Once the front was installed, we started on the rear, which is pretty much the same steps as installing the front. When installing the rear, it became apparent that we were going to need to install a slip yoke eliminator kit and a CV drive shaft (Not included with the Skyjacker lift). So, another call to our newfound friends over at Skyjacker and our kit and driveshaft were on their way.

The slip yoke eliminator kit was supprisingly easy to install. First thing we did was read through the instructions, that was a mistake... I was scared to do it now! The instructions made it seen difficult, but we went for it anyway. The first thing to do was to pull the factory skid plate off and remove the t-case.

After the t-case was removed from the drivetrain, we then had to remove the existing rear assembly. In doing this you will tend to bend and break parts - don't be alarmed, you do not need these parts anymore. After the rear assembly is removed you then proceed in taking all of the snap rings (if you don't have snap ring pliers, pick a pair up, it will make things alot easier). Once the all the snap rings are removed, you can then proceed in spliting the case and removing the factory slip yoke and replacing with the new mainshaft.

The new shaft assembly went in quickly and smoothly. Once the the new shaft is in it is time to put gasket sealer on and slap the two halves back together. Once the t-case is back together you can then put the new rear case on (don't forget the gasket sealer) and your case is back together and ready to be re-installed. It just so happened that ours went right back in without any problems! We didn't even need to re-align the splines, they lined right up!

Well, now that the case was back together, it was time to test out the vehicle! We didn't have an RTI ramp readily available, so we used the next best thing. The brick wall worked perfectly (but the wife wasn't to happy about it)

Our opinion on the lift:

This kit is amazing, not only did it provide a smooth ride on the highway at high speeds, but it provided a smooth ride off road as well. The Jeep followed every contour of the terrain, and even without lockers it allowed us to go more places than we ever could before. Everyone that has seen this Jeep flex can't believe the articulation that this lift provides. So, for those of you looking for a really flexy lift kit, this is the one for you. Maybe you don't want your Jeep that high, remember, Skyjacker makes lifts available from 2" - 8" to fit your needs.

Contact Skyjacker today!

...and let them know that sent you...

Special thanks to everyone over at Skyjacker for all their help