By Matthew Anderson
How do you write an article about a strap? It is quite simple when it does exactly what it is engineered to do. What you see is what you get, a rubber strap, but don't try to replicate it because it is kind of magical.

These magical properties include:

No Hooks
No Buckles
No Ratchets

Do we have your attention yet? If not what if we told you that there is over 1.5 million feet in use today.

This is a strap that can be cut to length and works wet, dirty, zero below or to the extreme of 150 degrees. The tests that we have put it through was on a 95-degree day as we secured our load in the parking lot using only the Simple Strap. No roof rack or additional support accept for the Simple Strap.

If you are unsure or only have one Simple Strap you do not have to cut the excess, that is entirely up to you. If you are looking to secure heavier loads there is a HD Simple Strap that is even thicker.

Simple Strap is ideal for camping, bundling lumber, boating/fishing, roof racks, awnings, paddle boards, and canoes. It also works for repairing, storm prep, or even making a temporary ladder to reach some coconuts.

Steps on how to use Simple Strap