By Matthew Anderson
The facility in which the entire ONE TIE line is created is in Elroy, Wisconsin and are created from an automotive grade polymer. The ONE TIE can be used and reused over and over, in hot, cold, wet or dry conditions.

The length and width work perfectly on all the molle panels and seat covers that we tested. They worked so well that we use them to store our Go Treads recovery boards behind the rear seat of the Jeep. Since they are reusable the Go Treads can be removed in minutes for use and then quickly placed right back and are ready for the next time.

Molle Molle Molle
These work well for panels due to their thickness and width for mounting points. Hang them off to the side or mount them for a more permanent solution of bags, or if you need to remove an item quickly, like recovery gear or air hoses.

We had another project that we just completed that we needed a temporary solution to adjust how a shelf that was being installed would work with added weight, so instead of having to remount it multiple times, we were able to use the ONE TIE. This allowed us to free up our hands to focus on routing cables, and even used it as a way to mount one side at a time while the ONE TIE held up the other side.

Besides being able to be used in varying weather conditions, they are also chemical, UV & Water Resistant. To use the ONE TIE, there is an indicator with a stamped 1 & 2 and you bundle the item by wrapping it around, slide it through the #1 and the length that is left over goes through slot number #2.

ONE TIE® comes in 3 different sizes to tackle projects large and small. Whether you're using an 8" ONE TIE to keep kids out of cabinets or a 32" ONE TIE to bundle & hang a 100' hose, ONE TIE does it all.

Sizes – 8" 14" 32" . There are a variety of packs and colors to select from to meet your needs giving you the ability to have extras in your rig, RV, or trailer. These are light weight, can be left in glove compartments, bags, or on your external molle mount points.

Please keep in mind the longer the length the thicker and wider they will be. The photo shown below is the difference between an 8" and 32" ONE TIE.


ONE TIE & Go Treads Usage: