By David Austin
Race Ramps have many products that are specifically designed for your vehicle to be driven up onto and come in many ramp configurations. For our review, we wanted something a bit more appropriate for the off-road enthusiast. Race Ramps 'Racer Mat' is a plush polypropylene fiber mat that can be used while you are laying under your vehicle. These 6' x 2' mats are light weight, water and oil resistant and have the ability to fold in half for storage or to fit in smaller spaces. Imagine how enjoyable this can be while laying on your cold, greasy or damp garage floor.

While the 'Racer Mat' is designed to be used on your garage floor, I wanted to look at this mat from an off-road aspect. Idealy, I could have done this review when the C4x4 buggy broke down at an event or maybe on my Jeep LJ Rubicon while on a trail, but that is not the way this review played out.

During a weekend hunt in western Oklahoma, my son and I were attempting to return back to camp and the thick clay mud that was frozen over earlyer in the day when we headed to our blind, managed to thaw out creating a slick obsitcal. We had no issues with the deep ruts going down the hill earlier that morning, but as you can see, on our return they became a decent obsticale. Our little Land Rover's front drive shaft could only stand a certain amount of stress from the bouncing of our aggressive attempts to make it over. With the front drive shaft in need of repairs, there was no way we could make it back in 2 wheel drive and needed to make repairs in a less than desirable location.

This is where our 'Racer Mat' really showed its purpose. In western Oklahoma, the ground tends to be covered in sand burrs, Mesquite thorns and thick clay mud. The mat allowed us to make repairs underneath the vehicle with out being subjected to the punishing environment. The mat was considerably muddy upon completing of our repairs, but because this mat can resist many environmental variables, we just hit it with a hose to clean it up. This mat does not retain moisture, which means that it can be easily washed off and won't mold.

The mat was comfortable to lay on and kept us clean and dry while laying under the vehicle. The 'Racer Mat' was perfect tool to have with us on our trip and we think that it could be even better if it had a tri-fold making it a smaller size to store in your vehicle. Everyone knows there is never enough room when you load your rig for those extra parts, tools, necessities and all of the "I might just need that" stuff and we would be more likely carry the 'Racer Mat' all the time if would fold up just a little smaller.

I think this can be a great asset to have along in your rig if you have the room as it proved itself to be very handy when I needed it. Thanks to Race Ramps for allowing us to see just how valuable this product could be.

Okie Out