By Matthew Anderson
Hitting the trails for a day or even an extended amount of time is always a good time. Sometimes your rig may be stationary or even be sitting on a trailer for a long length of time and the chance of theft goes up. There is an option that is better than a pad lock, no reason not to have that as well but it's time to go digital and use a real-time tracking system that monitors your vehicle and alerts you directly of suspicious activity even if you are halfway around the world!
CarLock is real-time alerting that monitors your vehicle from anywhere in the world. You do not have to be close to your car for the alert to be triggered and sent to you. You can add backup SMS or call notifications to get notified even if there is a bad cellular data connection or you don't want to pay high roaming prices on your travels.

How it works:
There are two different devices to choose from, one is plugged into your OBD plug (usually located under the steering wheel) and the other is portable.

CarLock - 2nd Gen Advanced Real Time 3G GPS Car Tracker & Alert System
Vehicle must have a compatible OBD plug. You can use the following link to see if your rig is compatible
Phone application tracks your rig in real time and notifies you immediately. This is a Plug and Play device. 

Carlock Portable – Advanced Multi-Purpose 3G GPS Tracking System
With the portable device, you can monitor the location of your trailer, equipment, or even your luggage. Real-time notifications are sent to your phone. There is also a low battery indicator in the app so you will know when you need to recharge the internal battery to continue monitoring your valuables.

Additional Security
The adapter can be a great solution to hide the device somewhere on your rig. You just need to be careful not to install it under a metal surface like under your hood. The OBD power adapter enables you to install the devices with a 12V battery. Red is hot and black is ground. Red wire should be connected to constant power.

What's the cost? The devices are less than $100 but there is also the cost of a monthly fee. $9.60 per month. There are no contracts and your first month of use is free. For our testing, we turned off the SMS notification as to not incur additional costs. The app has been very informative and if you forget to unlock the device before starting your rig you will receive an audible sound as well on your phone. You control what alerts you as well as what is monitored.

Our hope is that with these two products you can continue to monitor and protect not only rig but also your tow rigs and trailers.

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