By Jon Maib
When the weather is perfect and you want to take the doors off, but still want to have some protection from things on the trail and the road, these safari style tube doors are a great addition to your Jeep. Check out the short video on the doors and then follow along below as we go into even more detail.

Now that the sun is finally shining, the snow beginning to melt and the warmer temperatures of Spring are coming, the Jeep crowd begins to think about taking the doors off, opening the soft top or removing the hard top and enjoying the open feel of a Jeep. I personally love having the feeling of freedom the doors off give me, however, my wife and kids are a little timid with the openness to the environment around them. That is where these Adventure Doors come in quiet handy. The doors still give me that open feel why providing a little security for those that want protection from the environment.

When you receive the doors, you will need to install the latches. There are 2 bolts that hold the latches in place, but before you go tightening those down, leave them a bit loose so you can adjust the latch on the Jeep to get the perfect door latch. Place the Adventure doors in the Jeep door hinge, secure with provided washers/nut and then ensure you place the door strap on to protect the door from swinging into another car. The Adventure doors are coated in a nice textured black powder coat and are pretty stout with their 2.75mm thick steel tube construction. That combined with the high quality door latches, you have a trail door that is ready for anything.

The JTopsUSA Adventure door skins have been designed exclusively for the Extreme Terrain Barricade doors and have soft Neoprene padding for you to rest your arm on. These are made from a high quality mesh that helps keep tree branches from smacking you on the leg while on the trail and other debris when o the road. To install the JTopsUSA skins, you simply need to wrap the skins around the tubes and use the marine grade zippers to fully attach the skins to the doors. It's a simple install that will take you about 10 minutes. You can purchase different color skins directly from JTopsUSA or if you just want black, they are available from Extreme Terrain as well, so you can buy the trail doors and skins all in one place!

Individually, these are great products; but together they are amazing! In fact, Shortly after my set of Adventure doors arrived, I saw a neighbor of mine running around door less and I flagged him down and let him borrow mine for a week. As soon as he took them off, to give back to me, he went out and purchased his own set of Adventure doors from Extreme Terrain. And now, we both look good!

Pick up your pair of Adventure doors and Skins today! You wont regret this purchase!

2018 JL Wrangler Parts at Extreme Terrain