By Jon Maib
Mall Crawler
[mawl – kraw-ler]
1. A person or thing that 'crawls' parking lots at the mall instead of off-road.
2. A very shiny Jeep with no dirt on it
3. Heavily modified Jeep that looks nice
4. Term used when someone is jealous of the upgrades another Jeep has
That Jeep looks so nice, it's probably a Mall Crawler.
They have so much money into that Jeep, it's got to be a Mall Crawler

The term Mall Crawler is thrown around a lot today. It seems that unless you have a beat rig sitting on 44's and plastered in mud, you are a Mall Crawler. Sadly, this tends to be farther from the truth with many Jeep vehicles. There is nothing wrong with someone spending a lot of money on their Jeep and wanting to keep it looking nice! A great example of this is our friends over at Crawher. They have built their rigs to look good in order to grab people's attention while being completely functional and we have seen firsthand, they aren't afraid to use them.

Back in early December, they held their Wheelin' 102 class along with local off-road shop, Screaming Lizard. Since they get called out as 'Mall Crawlers' all the time, they decided to embrace the term and made up the 'Mall Crawlers United - High Curb Edition' t-shirts for all of those who participated in the 102 course. It reminds me of the old saying, "they can't make fun of you if you're already making fun of yourself"! These are always great events, as beginners have the opportunity to see what their Jeep can do off-road while the more experienced wheelers can help teach them.

(You can order your own Mall Crawler shirt HERE)

The 102 class was held at a local OHV Park in Bridgeport, TX and with the cooler temperatures, there was definitely a decrease in numbers compared to their 'Crawlher 101' class held a few months prior. But, that didn't stop more than 50 Jeeps coming out to learn some new things and play in the mud and rocks of an old quarry turned OHV Park. The day was filled with group wheelin on easy trails and progressed into moderate trails and the one thing you can always expect at these events; is a great raffle too!

If you get the chance to go to a Crawlher event, make sure you put it on your calendar. There are always great people to hang out with and you are sure to have a great time at the event!