By Jon Maib
What do you get when you get when some of the biggest names in the off-road industry all get together at the Texas Motor Speedway in Fort Worth, TX? Only the coolest show and expo ever! If you were in the area and were not able to make it out to the Unlimited Off-Road Expo, you seriously missed out as this show had it all, and I do mean all.

We were privileged to get to have our Project Vulture on display because Kleinn Air Horns reached out to us and asked if we would be willing to display our Jeep with their JKU On-Board Air system at the show. Naturally we agreed and got Vulture all cleaned up for the big show (You never realize how dirty your Jeep is until you need to get it ready for a show!)

The Unlimited Off-Road Expo has been in doing shows up in Kentucky, but decided to give Texas a try. Presented by BFGoodrich, the Unlimited Off-Road Expo brought in some of the big hitters in the off-road community. Companies like Ford, Skyjacker, JCR Off-Road, Crawler Conceptz, and so many more traveled from all over the country in order for Texas to see some of the coolest rigs and the best off-road products, all in one place!

The great thing about shows like this is that you get to see new products, talk face to face with the companies that supply the parts you are thinking about purchasing and even do some off-roading! That's right, the Unlimited Off-Road Expo had setup a big off-road course complete with big boulders and obstacles to climb over. You could bring your own rig and tackle the obstacles or you could borrow (and yes, you got to drive) one of 3 BFGoodrich Jeeps they had on hand. All weekend, off-roaders took their personal rigs over the big obstacles; there was even some good carnage!

Walking the displays, it was obvious that Overlanding tent setups are becoming a big thing. Several companies had their tents on display and some were also building small off-road trailers that you can tow behind your rig that had the tents attached to the top for those looking to get off the ground and outdoors. Another new product we saw that intrigued us was from a company called Sto-R-Tops. This inventive little system holds your Freedom panels in the back of your Jeep when you pull them off to enjoy a nice day. This system allows for additional storage in the back of your Jeep and helps protect your panels from sliding around. We will be doing a full review on these shortly, so be sure to check back.

The Unlimited Off-Road Expo was not short on eye candy, and I'm not talking about scantily clad girls, but some of the most beautiful vehicles you can see! I could go on and on about the cool looking rigs there, but I'll just let the pictures here do the talking for me.

The best part of the show was that it was fun for the whole family as there was stuff to do for every age. Ford had setup their big rig trailer with a demonstration of the Ford Raptor off-roading where you sat inside the hydraulic vehicle and watched a video on the windshield of desert racing. BFGoodrich had virtual reality glasses setup in a Raptor that also did some offroad racing and there was even an RC course where kids could borrow an Axial RC 4x4 and do their own rock crawling.

This is one of the coolest off-road shows I have been to and hope that they bring it back again next year. I think I would call this the public equivalent to SEMA, so if you get the chance, make sure you make it out next year, but if you don't want to wait, you can head to Kentucky, because the Unlimited Off-Road Expo is June 2-3, 2017!