By David Austin
When C4X4 first received word that our long time friend Larry Conville had joined the already Super Team at SuperLift we decided it would be a good time to pay them a visit at their home in West Monroe, La.

So we looked over our calendar and found a date that would work for all involved and penciled it in. We quickly packed up the Durango and it was South bound and down for myself and my wife Judy.

We rolled into town on Thursday night late with just enough energy to grab a late dinner and hit the sack.

Friday morning we awoke to a nice brisk morning, grabbed a fast breakfast and heading over to the party.

As we arrived Larry came and met us at the door and ushered us upstairs to meet with Joey Arbogast, who is the Director of Marketing and has been our main contact for several year and who we have enjoyed a great relationship with.

After refreshing our acquaintance with Joey and Larry we kicked around a lot of ideas, discussed what we had done in the past and where the future might be heading for Superlift, C4X4 and the Crawl 4 Christ events.

Then Larry gave us the big tour of the facilities. The graphics department, the warehouse, fabrication, research and development, shipping and other Top Secret areas that I could tell you about but then I would have to.....Well we won't go there.

It was great to see how this Great Company is continuing to move forward in the Suspension industry and having the insight to look into the future and into other areas within the automotive industry.

We really had a great time meeting up with our old friends from Superlift that we had met in the past and to get acquainted with several of the crew that we had never met before. It was very beneficial to learn more about the products, the company and their operations and to see how they pay so much special attention to the quality of their products. I see now how they can offer such a superior warranty on their products.

We here at C4X4 want to say thanks for the SuperLift crew for taking time out of their busy schedule to show a couple of Okies around.

And I know you are wondering... Yes we did take time and stop by Duck Commander and see where a lot of the filming is done for the Duck Dynasty show...But sorry...We did not get the Royal treatment there that we did at Superlift.

Be Watching for more information to come in the future about Superlift here @ C4X4.COM and also on our C4x4 Facebook page.

Until later. God Bless You and Yours...
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