By David Austin
Well the word got out that a few of the Red Dirt Jeepers were going to have a dinner invasion at La Luna Mexican restaurant and the word spread. Now a few of the things besides wheelin that the RDJ like to do is FELLOWSHIP, LOOK AT JEEPS and EAT.

Now they were nice enough to let the Restaurant know in advance that a bunch of jeepers where coming out and they planned for us. Well they thought they had planned.

Soon lines of Jeeps were approaching from the North and from the South which the only directions you can arrive at La Luna in New Castle, Ok. They came and they came.

When the dust settled there was a little over 70 Jeeps sitting on the yard and each one had several Jeepers in it. I have no idea how many people showed up but it was a bunch.

They even had a surprise marriage proposal scheduled in the parking lot.

When everyone converged on La Luna?s they in no way could handle everyone so a waiting line emerged outside from the building.

My wife and I and Todd Craighead decided if we wanted to eat we better make other plans so we slipped across the interstate to another Mexican place where we found some other escaped RDJers.

WOW!!!!!! Just let someone mention Jeeps and Food around this area and you better have some room. It was great to get out in the fresh air and see some old friends and meet so many new Jeep friends.

David Lee Austin
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