By Matthew Anderson
Check out the video and then read more below!

Take a mount and some extremely powerful magnets and you will here a 'snap' every single time. Making the name simple and easy to remember SNAP Mounts. We do recommend that you practice with these mounts and use the slide technique, watch those fingers as it will snap you if you're not careful.

We have used the SNAP Mount to make Aluminum and Glass into a magnetic surface to attach our GoPro and DJI Osmo Action Cameras. We even decided to try the phone mount and it works great for a quick setup and as a standalone stand, because let's face it, everyone has a phone these days.

SNAP Mounts works with all models of GoPro and DJI Osmo Action cameras, plus any other camera that uses the three prong, quick release attachment (as found on the GoPro). No tools, screws or rigging are required, just snap it in place. If you have an additional back plate, multiple users can pass their action camera back and forth with ease.

The back plate can be also used by combing a lanyard to provide a first-person view, or a hands-free approach with recording. When worn, the lanyard adds stability, keeps the mount in the optimal place and allows you to remove the front plate without dropping the back down your shirt!

SNAP Mounts offers different kits as well as accessories. One of the most used accessories we have been using is the SNAP Mat for automotive mounting. Placed directly underneath the back plate it increases the stability of the camera on your vehicle while protecting the paint.

We mentioned earlier that you hear a 'snap' when the mount and back plate come together and there is a good reason for that. The magnets used are the strongest N52 rare-earth magnets which makes them 10x stronger than traditional ceramic magnets. We put them to the test when we placed a mount on the hood and were at highway speeds and the mount never moved.

We have had a lot of fun with these for the short amount of time we have had them and look forward to a new year to capture some truly unique shots, such as suspension or anything else we can think of, it's a quick non-permeant solution to get that quick camera shot.