By Jon Maib
Photos: Matthew Kess
As half the country is putting their tops back on to keep the cold out, here in Texas it's still in the 60's and 70's so we're not ready to put the top back on! However, we are in the rainy season and that small storm can pop up anywhere and rain down on the Jeep.

If you have a trail cover, you can run out and try and get that on before the rain hits, but you'll need to run around all sides of the Jeep and maybe get it on in time. What if there was something easier that could just protect the important electronics in the Jeep? We know Jeeps have interior that can handle getting wet, but those electronics in the dash seem to take the beating when it comes to water. They didn't put drain plugs in the bottom of a Jeep for nothing, right?

Check out the Dash Poncho! This simple dash cover will protect those precious electronics from suffering those pesky pop up storm that's ruining our time with the top off! The Dash Poncho is much quicker to throw on quickly than your top or a trail cover and fits over the dash to protect everything (Don't forget to pull those drain plugs though!).

The Dash Poncho is made of a marine grade canvas, has heavy duty suction cups that go across the windshield at the top and then is fitted with bungees and hooks to securely attach it to the vehicle, so even that super windy storm won't cause it to blow off. Even if you have your doors on and top off, the Dash Poncho gives you easy ways to connect to different points on the Jeep.

Our Dash Poncho is one of their prototype covers and their production ones are even better! The poncho will just allow the rain to roll off and right onto the floor. The great thing about this product, it is super simple to install, stores tightly in a small area and can always be ready. One thing to note, with a full cage installed, there could be some issues installing the poncho.

The poncho is made for the CJ, TJ, LJ, JK, JKU, JL and the Gladiator with production for the Ford Bronco coming soon. So don't let those electronics get ruined by rain, pick up your Dash Poncho today!