By Jon Maib
Let us just start this review by telling you, you NEED a portable Dometic refrigerator! These fridge/freezers are amazing and before we even get to the review, trust us, you want one.

The Dometic name has been around since the 1960's, however, the company has been in the refrigerator business since 1922. These days, you will find a Dometic fridge built into most RVs but, you can also have a portable electric Dometic fridge/freezer in the back of your off-road or overlanding rig. Dometic makes various size portable refrigerators and most have the ability to cool or freeze. (See the Dometic options)

For this review, we wanted to check out the 'Dual Zone' portable refrigerator. The Dometic CFX 95DZW is a beast of a portable fridge in size (18.5" H x 37.6" W x 20.8" D), weight (around 70lbs unloaded) and strength (Reinforced corners, stainless hinges and robust lid coating). It has a generous 3 cubic feet of storage space to pack everything you could possibly need for a camping or overlanding trip. With the Dual Zone Dometic, you can set the temperatures in each zone independent of the other. A digital temperature display allows you to manually set each zone of the fridge as well as configure the cooler or turn on the built in WIFI. The CFX series' built in WIFI allows you to connect to the cooler using your phone or tablet with the Dometic app to configure your settings as well as set alarms for temperature fluctuation.

So how does it perform? We took the Dometic CFX 95DZW out for some real world testing. Our local Jeep club had its annual Christmas party, so we loaded the cooler with a favorite Texas treat, Blue Bell ice cream in zone one and then added our favorite Christmas party beverages in the second zone. Ice cream in a portable cooler? With a Dometic portable refrigerator, you can set the zones of the Dometic down to a frigid -7° Fahrenheit (-22° Celsius). As this is Texas, we tend to have mild weather in December, so ice cream was a welcome treat at the party!

We needed to understand how well it worked out on the trail as well, so once again, we loaded the cooler up for an off-road trip with our friends over at Crawlher for their 102 class. The Dometic has the ability to switch from 110v to 12v so you can either have it plugged into an electrical outlet or into your vehicles accessory port. We loaded the one side with ice cream again and the other side, we packed stuff for lunch; meats, cheese, mayo, mustard, pickles, everything you need for the perfect trail sandwich. The temperature that day was a bit chilly, so there were not as many fans of ice cream on the trail, but all the kids were sure excited! The CFX 95DZW kept the ice cream frozen the entire trip and kept our food cool and ready to eat when we stopped for lunch by just running off the 12v Jeep system. When it was time to pull our food out of the cooler, we were treated to food that hadn't been swimming in water all day from all the melted ice.

A Dometic cooler is a great asset to any overlanding or off-road vehicle. The CFX 95DZW is pretty large, so if you are planning to run a Dometic in a Jeep, we would recommend you look at their smaller options so the cooler isn't taking up most of your trunks real estate. But, if you want to store a ton of food and drinks for your family, the CFX 95DZW is a must have item. Be prepared though, the CFX 95DZW fully loaded it is quite heavy and you will probably need help carrying it. If only it had a set of wheels, that would make it easier for one person to move around. Finally, if you are planning to carry this in your rig, you may want to look into upgrading your vehicles battery to handle the additional draw of the cooler, especially when you turn your vehicle off. We may eventually add a high output alternator as well to our Jeep in order to help support the extra accessories we run.

Get your Dometic refrigerator/freezer today, you will not be disappointed!