By David Austin
In December, we were contacted by Don from Yukon Sharing and asked if we could help out the Yukon Sharing Ministry and their food bank. There had been a huge increase in families asking for help this season and their shelves were about empty.

In 2015, C4X4 and Red Dirt Jeeps teamed up together and put the word out that there was a need and all Jeep groups were invited to join in this project. Jeep groups came through in large numbers. It was a great chance to show the people of Yukon what our 4x4 groups were all about.

On short notice, we gave Bug from Red Dirt Jeeps a call and he jumped at the chance to help the community. He posted on the Red Dirt Jeeps facebook page and moved their meet and greet from Oklahoma City to Yukon for that week. C4X4 hit the other group pages and invited everyone to participate as well. Everyone was asked to bring some canned goods for Yukon Sharing.

As in previous years, we would stage the event at Yukon Flowers and Gifts. As I rolled up to the shop I was greeted by about 7 Jeeps and everyone was already working. Bug had them all lined up and even had a display placed by the street so that those that were driving by could see what was going on.

As things were already moving when I got there, I quickly moved one of the shop vans to the front so we could load the donated canned food into the back as folks brought it. In 2015, we loaded the van with so much food, the tires were smashed flat and we had to unload the donated food into other vehicles to deliver it.

And then the saints started rolling in. Jeep after Jeep unloaded their food and then found a place to park and got involved in the fellowship with their fellow Jeepers.
Yukon Yukon
By the time things started to wind up, we had fill the van to capacity and were stacking food on the ground at the rear of the Jeep. Just a little over 3000 lbs of food was raised along with quite a bit of money that was placed in a donation bucket. We have not received the total from that yet as we just handed them the bucket and told them to see what they had and let us know later.
Yukon Yukon
Once again, as we have seen so many times before, a need had arose and our Jeep community has toed the line and responded to the call. They will never know how much they are appreciated and how much they have helped those that are less fortunate.

A HUGE THANKS to all those that participated and God Bless them for their support from C4x4, RDJ and from Yukon Sharing.

Yukon Sharing