By: Jon Maib
If you've read our Rigs of SEMA article, you will have already seen some of the cool vehicles we came across. SEMA is more than just cool display rigs, it's really about companies displaying their latest products. We could really spend months talking about all the aftermarket stuff that was on display, but we are just going to highlight some of unique products that stood out to us.

Full Traction CRD Link:
Full Traction announced the release of their newest suspension innovation for the Jeep JK. The CRD link has been around for a while, but they have re-engineered it for the JK. The CRD or Constant Roll Center offers true and correct constant roll center geometry giving you better handling on and off-road. It also provides you with better ground clearance because everything is mounted on top of the axle. The CRD eliminates the rear track bar and the failure prone factory track bar mounts and also strengthens the factory axle housing. The CRC Link works with all brands of aftermarket lifts 3"-6" over stock height and will run you around $650.

Rock Slide Engineering:
Who hasn't wanted one of those electronic steps that tuck in on your Jeep? The biggest issue has been strength and what happens when you smash them against a rock. Rock Slide Engineering has come up with an innovative combination of heavy duty rock sliders and side step. These sliders are constructed out of 3/16" steel and the features a strong automatic step that deploys when you open your doors. The sliders feature "smart technology" giving them an industry first design. There is around a 5-10 second delay on the steps so that they don't close as soon as your door is closed. The smart technology also keeps fingers or toes from getting crushed by sensing voltage change in the motors, essentially turning them off if you get an appendage caught. These will set you back around $1800.

Wild Boar 2WAYAIR:
Solving one of the biggest off-roading headaches, Wild Boar wants you to rethink tire pressure. The 2WayAir system simultaneously inflates or deflates all tires on a vehicle to the same pressure at the same time. 2WayAir eliminates the time and hassle we face airing each tire up or down one at a time when we start and finish an off-roading trip. The patented system is currently available for the Jeep Wrangler JK and JKU (2007-Present) models or with an available universal adaptor kit that accommodates any vehicle, Jeep or otherwise, with up to 6 tires. Airing down before hitting the trails and airing back up before returning to pavement could not be simpler or quicker with this system. The system will run you around $240 and then you will also need a pump, those run around $460.

Atturo Trail Blade Boss:
Atturo releases the fourth addition to the Trail Blade series with the most intimidating design to date. Conceived from the start for large tire sizes (37"–40"), the tread design comes from the Quartermaster QSA-1 BOSS HOG knife. The tire will handle the same hard core applications as the oversized blade. Quartermaster describes the QSA-1 as a knife made for heavy duty chopping with rigidity and confidence in hard core use. The Trail Blade BOSS is made for hard off-road applications. The center tread incorporates the "kurki" style knife and extends from the shoulder across the center line. The deep channel in this massive tread block serves to pull through deep slop and force debris from the center of the tread. The relatively smaller center tread blocks are linked for stability from the high abrasion abuse of rocks. The 3 ply sidewalls of the BOSS feature the same blade and handle shapes as the tread. Pricing hasn't been set as of yet as these haven't even come off the production line as of yet. But stay tuned!

G2 Axle's Core DRS Sway Bar:
This pneumatically controlled system allows for a rigid system both on-road and off-road. It allows for full flex in off-road conditions while still providing some anti-roll elements of a sway bar. The sway bar can engage/disengage on the fly with the flick of a switch from inside your Jeep. It features a hub and gear assembly that provides strength in the disconnect mechanism. It will couple to existing locker compressors using identical fittings and plumbing and has spline shafts with locking rings that allow for serviceability and repair on the trail if needed. You can even put manual disconnect end links for 100% disengagement if wanted. No price set for these yet either as they are not yet available.

Road Armors JK Front Fender and Flare:
After having taken our fenders off for paint and seeing how thin the factory metal is, we are really looking at these! With a factory width flare, these Road Armor fenders are the only full replacement fender on the market today. They are CNC laser cut from 1/8 inch thick plate and then a precision brake-form is used and its all finished with welds. This fender provides the ultimate in form, function and protection. This fender flows seamlessly with the body lines while providing serious off-road protection. Installation is simple and requires minimal cutting and drilling.

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