By Cristián "Moose" Petersen
Face it, we've all been there OR we know someone who has...

It's a beautiful morning, the temperature is warm and you're enjoying the clear skies on your drive to work, topless. As the day progresses, you notice in the early afternoon a cloud blowing in over your place of work. "That's funny, the weatherman made no mention of any chance for rain today.", you think to yourself as your rush to open your weather app. The day's outlook still says clear skies, sunny and 81 degrees. You then click on the hourly forecast and there it is... Next hour has a 70% chance of rain and you see it coming. What are going to do? The soft/hard top is at home on the floor. The doors may be off too!

Now admit it, you've scrolled by these similar products all the time while working on your Jeep's wish list, but never pulled the trigger on the $200-$300 rain tops. Whether for budget reasons (it's like buying underwear and today aint the day) or the attitude of, "it won't happen to me". There are plenty of stories out there, likely some from people you personally know amongst the Jeeple in your immediate area of getting caught in a storm while out running errands or at work, even while Jeep'n. Storms do happen and sometimes we've believed the weatherman too much and lost the gamble. I'd like to share with you my experience with the Life Without Doors products designed just for these reasons. Light weight, quick deployment, small stowing to easily put away under a seat or bin and exactly what you need for immediate use in the event you find yourself caught by a surprise storm.

The product line up starts, modestly enough, with the original patented product, the Life Without Doors Rain Curtain. That's right, a patented rectangle! But this product was created for the Jeeper that doesn't want to take the doors on and off every other day if you're in that season of unpredictable showers. It comes in a four-door and two-door model in an otherwise universal fit and in several color options. But for me, it's the seat poncho and dash cover set that I like best. As a victim of being naive to the weather prediction, I have had to replace a clock spring and radio after being caught topless. The dash cover set is listed at $44.99 and is WAY cheaper than the clock spring or radio; not even considering the labor costs. It is also available in an array of colors and is very simple to install in a minute or two and packs away in a very small space like a glove box or center console. My other favorite is the seat poncho. It is a quick deploy universal cover for your seats. The ponchos fit the stock seats as well as two of my Jeeps equipped with different models of Corbeau seats. Made of a thick durable material, also available in several color options, it can be used in a surprise shower or when coming home from the beach to keep your seats dry. At $50 for the front, $40 for the rear bench, $90 for the set AND $22 for the child seats, thinking of those of you with tiny humans in your life, these are a great value for the protection against the elements. Lastly, though currently (2023) SOLD OUT, is the cab cover. I have been using the two-door universal fit on my 2000 TJ for a few months without any issues. Also, a quick deploy product will protect your Jeep from the quick rolling storms or just the morning dew.

Every product of Life Without Doors that I've used has stood up to my abuse as well as mother nature's. I do recommend their products without hesitation. If you have any questions or concerns about the products, contact Life Without Doors via their website, I eagerly await Life Without Doors to restock and improve in the 2024 lineup. Life Without Doors is founded & operated out of Southern Missouri since 2020.