By Jon Maib
Let's face it, tires are an extremely important aspect of every vehicle. They are what allows our vehicles to get from point A to point B in comfort and then also allows us to get through the trail when off-road. So when we choose a tire, we are wanting something that can handle all of our needs. Design is also important when picking a tire out, and when we saw the Atturo Trail Blade BOSS tires at SEMA a couple years ago, we knew the design was perfect for our Jeep, but what about the rest; handling, off-road prowess and for getting us from A to B in comfort.

We have been testing the newly released 35x13.5 r15 BOSS tires for a little over a month now and we can just say, we are quite impressed with how these tires have responded. The BOSS tires, with their 3 ply sidewalls are designed to handle the toughest terrain. The tread is based on the Quartermaster QSA-1 BOSS HOG knife blade. The center tread uses the kurki style knife blade leaving some deep channels to pull you through the thickest mud or hardest rocks. The sidewalls also contain the knife blade and handle design giving the tire a very aggressive look. This tire isn't here to just look pretty, it's ready to play hard!

We installed the BOSS tires on our set of 15x9 steel rims and noticed that they had a bulge which may cause the tread to wear quicker. A wider rim will help flatten that out though, giving you a more even wear pattern. So we will have to monitor how these hold up over time. Our first time with these on the street, we were surprised on how quiet they actually were. With the large lugs, we assumed that these tires would growl pretty loud on the street, but they didn't. The rubber does seem to be a bit softer than some of the other tires we have used in the past as our rear locker in the back of our Jeep tends to make tires chirp around corners, these did not. So will be interested to see how the rubber withstands the wear of the road.

Luckily we received the tires just in time to take the Jeep up to the 11th annual Crawl 4 Christ in Disney, OK. The rocks at Disney have been known to chew tires up. So we were interested to see how these tires would hold up to the abuse. We aired the tires down to 10 lbs and hit the rocks. These tires laughed at the rocks and gripped like there was no tomorrow. The softer rubber compound of these tires conformed to the rocks to give some amazing grip. We did a couple big climbs with the tires, including a waterfall that made the rocks slippery, the BOSS tires made it seem easy. These tires were made for the abuse of the rocks. Disney was unable to tear chunks out of these tires but you can see it left its mark.

The BOSS tires were designed for mud, we were able to take these tires out to our local off-roading park to see how they worked in the red clay of Gilmer, TX. Once again, these tires did not let us down, they quickly cut through the slop to get quickly to the firm earth below. The mud quickly released from the knife styled lugs allowing for the Jeep to quickly make it through. The grip we had in the mud was amazing and the side lugs helped cut through to push the Jeep along as we moved through the mud puddles. While playing in the mud, we got off the trail and someone stopped to ask what was wrong with our tires. Unsure of what they meant, we got out to check them out and found they had all turned blue! There is a mineral in the clay that interacts with the rubber and turns them a temporary blue, sure made the BOSS tires look pretty cool though!

We are really glad we had an opportunity to test these tires out. They are amazing and everything we thought they would be when we first saw them. On top of the amazing performance, they look awesome on our rig. The off-road performance of these tires is quite impressive. Between the rocks, mud and the dirt, these tires hook up and give your vehicle the performance you are looking for off-road. Due to the soft nature of the rubber, we do have a concern about how long these will hold up on the pavement. For us though, our Jeep is mainly used off-road so they will definitely hold up and continue to perform like a BOSS.

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