By: Jon Maib
We all know the importance of protecting our investments. We lock our cars doors, our house, our valuables, some of us even buy safes to protect valuables. Well, what about locks for accessories attached to your off-road vehicle? You've got a lift on your rig and bigger tires (with wheel locks) and your tiny tire jack just won't cut it any more. So, you spend that hard earned money and buy yourself a nice new Hi-Lift Jack and bolt it on your rig. How do you protect that?

Well, STRATTEC, the world's largest producer of automotive locks and keys, has the all new BOLT J-Mount for your Hi-Lift. What makes this mount so special? It gives you assurance that your Hi-Lift won't be leaving your rig without you or your keys. STRATTEC has a breakthrough one-key lock that will work with your vehicle's engine key. That's right; no extra key to throw on your key ring as this lock learns your key of choice.

The J-mount can be ordered in either black or red and either driver or passenger side mount position and comes with everything you need to install the J-Mount to your Jeep and will fit either a Jeep JK or TJ.

Installation is a breeze, you simply need to remove the two lower torx head screws from the your Jeep's windshield. The J-mount comes with a supplied plastic gasket to protect the paint on your Jeep from the J-Mount. Placing the plastic gasket between, you just need to secure the J-mount with the supplied bolts, washers and lock washers. Then, place your Hi-Lift in place and secure using the 2 plastic knobs (similar to most soft top knobs). Next you will just need to adjust the supplied lower bumper to keep the Hi-Lift from rattling around when you drive.

Now comes the really cool part about this mount, the lock! You will need to remove the warning sticker and take your vehicles engine key (or whatever key you want permanently coded to this lock). Stick the key all the way in and while keeping the key fully inserted, rotate the key clockwise until it stops. The lock has now LEARNED your key and will now only work with this key! NOTE: Once the BOLT lock has learned your key, it can never un-learn it. It cannot be re-keyed, but you can buy a new lock if you need to. (Besides, do you really want someone being able to re-key your lock with their key?)

Now that the BOLT lock has learned your key, lock up the Hi-Lift and your investment is now protected by the BOLT J-Mount. The BOLT J-mount retails for around $125 and is a small price to pay for added security.

I'm pretty sure at this point, you are thinking what we thought. Not a big fan of the Hi-Lift mounted on the side of my vehicle as it will catch a rock or tree sitting there! First off, the J-Mount does provide a unique look and mounting spot for your Hi-Lift making your Jeep a bit more custom. Second, if you don't like it and aren't afraid of drilling some holes elsewhere, you can mount the J-Mount anywhere, that's what we did. We mounted the J-Mount off our cage mounts in the rear of our TJ, just behind the passenger seat. Had to drill one hole and bolted it down. Secure, out of the way, and easy to access.

The BOLT J-mount is a great product and gives you some added security that your Hi-Lift won't grow legs and walk away. STRATTEC also makes additional locks for your spare tire, trailer receiver, and more. 1 key, many locks!

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