By Jon Maib
I have enjoyed bringing old Jeeps back to life. My 1st Jeep to complete was my 1948 CJ2a that I found off the side of a highway. I am now finishing up my 1985 CJ7 and I have found as I show people my completed projects, I get asked all the time, "Can you still find parts for that?"

People are always shocked that my response is, "You can practically buy and build a complete Jeep just with aftermarket parts". It's true though; you can buy tubs, fenders, hoods, grills, frames, engines and every other part you can think of. I wanted to take an opportunity to share some of the sites that I purchase from to help those that may be looking. This will be taken from my point of view and the parts and experiences I have had. If you start asking around, I promise you will find that person that would tell you to NEVER buy from such and such company because they suck. I have found, especially now that everyone is in the new normal of pandemic mode, things just take longer, companies are short staffed and some just aren't in a hurry. In this Amazon 2 days or less era, we need to pull back and be a little patient (and I hate being patient).
When purchasing parts for the Jeeps, there are a few main sites that I will hit and compare. Most of these are selling parts from other manufacturers and re-selling, so most parts can be found at every one of these sites.
These are my top sites for older Jeep parts: – I have had good luck getting the parts I need at a reasonable speed. I have had a few orders that may have taken longer (tail lights that must have been stuck on a ship at sea that took almost 2 months to get here). This is usually my first to go to for specific Jeep parts. – Having been in the Jeep market for a long time, they are a great resource to find the older parts you need. I have had fast shipments from them and I have had slow ones and a bad customer service experience. But, most parts are usually in stock and they have what I need. I am usually checking them vs Morris to compare pricing and parts availability. – And of course, who doesn't do the needful by checking Amazon? Who also gets all the parts supplied from the same companies that Morris and Quadratec get theirs. We all know what speed we can usually count on from Amazon. – For CJ2a parts, this has usually been my go to for parts. They carry almost everything you could possibly need to rebuild an old Jeep. Never had an issue with parts and delivery has always been within reasonable times. – Another great source for parts. In the earlier days, I would use them as a second or third string pick to order parts from because their website was not easy to navigate, but that has all changed and it's much easier. Ron Fitzpatrick is the man when it comes to old Jeeps and provides the highest quality parts he can get his hands on. – This is my 3rd go to for vintage CJ2a parts. Never had an issue buying from them and they are kinda low on my list, mainly because I have ordered so much from the other 2, but they are still in my list of sites to check.

With all that said, all the vintage Jeep parts really get manufactured by a few companies. The main players for these Jeep parts are Omix-Ada and Crown Automotive. There are people that either love or hate these two companies and it's funny to watch the back and forth. My opinion, they are both good and I have purchased parts from both companies and have not really had a complaint about the parts. Believe me when I say, they won't be as good as the original parts (just made better back then), but they will get your build complete. When searching for a part, I will tend to order the Crown part over than the Omix and that's simply because I believe their parts are a better quality. Sometimes that better quality doesn't really matter, so I'll save a few bucks and order from Omix. In the end, for me, it's about getting the Jeep built for a decent price and with decent parts and both companies provide that.

This is a small list of my go-to sites to order parts and there are so many more out there. Remember, this is not the definitive guide to ordering Jeep parts and you may have a completely different opinion of the sites or manufactures, and that is fine, this is just to show people where I've purchased vintage Jeep parts to get my builds complete. And, to answer the question that you can still find parts for that Jeep, so go grab an old CJ and get ordering!